Into The Woods In Toronto

There is wild side to everyone, even the otherwise sophisticated city of Toronto. And if you want to see it first-hand then you might as well get cheap flights to Toronto booked the first thing tomorrow morning and rush off to here to see the wild animals in their natural habitat at the Toronto Zoo. Situated in Scarborough, it is sprawled over a total area of around 700 acres thus making it one of the biggest zoos in the entire planet. With plenty of stretched out walking trails over all over this place, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the nature cover on foot while in this part of the town.

On your arrival here, you will be greeted by a total of around 400 species of animals, roaming around here and there in the woods and subtly nodding as you pass by. More than 5000 animals peacefully coexist in this park making it one of the most essential parts of the local biosphere. There are seven main regions of this larger than life zoo. You can even consult with the park authorities to give you directions so that you get to see your choice of animals in the wild among other things. Gorilla Rainforest and the Giant Panda Experience are the award-winning sites of this zoo that you will get to see with timely booking of flights to Toronto.

Depending upon the changing season, the activities and the open hours change so call ahead to visit accordingly. Ride the camels and ponies into the sunset or zipline across from one zone to the other like a true jungle dweller. Catch on the Zoomobile Ride and visit the Canadian, African and American forests in one single theme based trip with affordable cheap air tickets to Toronto from UK. On your way out, absorb as much knowledge and entertainment at the Discovery Zone that comes along with the theatre, water park and the interactive wildlife activity.

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