Live It Up In Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas is synonymous to fun, adventure and loads of enjoyment. This American city is an all season destination; during cool winters, travellers can explore the fascinating sightseeing options and in the summer, when the temperature soars high, you can enjoy the luxury and cool comfort of the numerous themed hotels and resort. These hotels offer abundance of fun, entertainment and interesting attractions.

Incredible indulgence

Take a trip to old Downtown Fremont Street: You can’t afford to miss the exciting, colourful, bright and unique site of Fremont Street in the old Downtown Las Vegas. The dazzling place is covered with a galaxy of LED lights which gives the feeling of large open air discotheque. Apart from thrilling vistas, travellers can experience street performances, outdoor entertainment and much more. But remember that the area is a pedestrian only. So get ready for some extra walk but it is definitely worth it.

Enjoy the thrilling fun at Stratosphere Tower: The 1,149 feet Stratosphere Tower is famous for rooftop activities such as rides, sky jump and many more thrilling fun activities. If you don’t like adventure, there are options of soaking up the stunning views of the city from both indoor and outdoor.

Get a bird eye view with Helicopter Rides: A helicopter ride always has been a great option to explore any destination and if the place is like Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, it becomes even more. It gives you breathtaking aerial view over the city and nearby attractions in a very quick time.

Try Indoor Skydiving: When you think about indoor adventure, Las Vegas will make you think about indoor skydiving. It is one such destination which offers this unique experience. It provides travellers an actual feeling of skydiving through a vertical wind tunnel and special gear.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Speed thrills and Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a stunning place for those who love it. The place is spread over 1,200-acre complex with multiple automobile racing tracks. It holds the NASCAR races as well as a number of other racing events. For tourists, the Speedway features restaurants and overnight stay camps.

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