Rekindle The Inner Spirituality At Lahore

The Mughal architecture is famous for delivering a certain spiritually soothing quality to every single structure which is cast in its mould. And when the monument in question is a shrine too then it becomes doubly soulful, both in its view and ambience. Wazir Khan Mosque is one of the most famous shrines in the country and it is mainly popular for its rare but truly spell-binding faience tile work. In order to view this ‘mole on the cheek of Lahore’, as it is aptly referred to, book cheap tickets to Lahore from UK as soon as possible.

As grand as this mosque is, it took a total of seven years to build this 16th century masterpiece under the administration of Shah Jehan. The construction of this building is attributed to Hakim Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, a significant member of the royal court at that time. The mosque is actually named after the moniker ‘Wazir Khan’ that was given to him. One is able to view the best works of Qashani tile work within this mosque along with enjoying a peaceful vibe that houses this construction. Get the best priced packages of cheap flight to Lahore from UK this holiday season to view all this and a lot more during your visit here.

The mosque took inspiration from many national and international shrines and you can see this adaptation for yourself in different sections of this construction. Essentially, this place has a long aisle surrounded by five bays on different sides. When you visit the prayer chamber, you will find that déjà vu feeling if you have been to Mosque of Mariyam Zamani Begum just before here because the prayer hall of that mosque has been a direct inspiration to this one. Around 34 guestrooms are present all over the area of this mosque. The four direction of this mosque are marked with four ornate minarets. Try to capture them in a snapshot when you reach here via tickets to Lahore.