Travel Like A Local At Singapore

The international vibe of Singapore often makes you overlook the rich cultural side of the city that has been getting enhanced by the international exposure since the begging of time. In fact, some of the local cultural experiences are so rare including the local fairs as well as festivals that you have to be present at the right place and the right time to enjoy them in all their grandeur. Get started on booking cheap air tickets to Singapore from UK a bit early so that you get the best seats to the grandest cultural fest of the year with all your near and dear ones.

Esplanade theatre is the crowning glory of local cultural scene. It showcases the best of local talents in daily headliner performances and holds the legendary ‘Singapore Symphony Orchestra’ on special nights. This place is famous as the mecca of performing arts within the cosmopolitan and you get to enjoy stunning performances by the likes of JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun while here. Think ahead and secure cheap flights to Singapore from UK so that you can enjoy a luxurious experience without emptying your pockets.

To indulge in the true blue Singaporean experience, a movies night is a must. This is where you will get to unfold the depths of local cinema in serious drama and light-hearted comedies by Jack Neo, a local silverscreen legend. Singapore Arts Festival will quench your thirst for some refreshing art during the summers. SISTIC is the official authority when it comes to bookings related to any cultural event that takes place during the calendar year. City Nomads Singapore is one other online updated guide of all the artistic, musical, social and cultural gatherings happening on any part of the port area. Just few clicks for reserving flights to Singapore and you will find yourself encoring for a local bad in no time.