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Working for one of the prestigious hotels in Macau, Satomi has always been looking forward to contribute her passion in service industries since she was in high school. “I have always been interested in tourism since my days as a student. Back then, I wanted to guide as many tourists or visitors who came to my hometown.” But in order to do that, Satomi felt that she needed to learn what it takes to be a good guide — by becoming a traveler herself.

After learning about Travee from the founders during her recent trip to Thailand, Satomi felt that this is a good time to learn and gain exposure to travel experience she never had before.

“Meeting Narissa feels like meeting an old friend.”

Satomi was a little nervous of meeting her local guide, Narissa, for the first time although they have contacted each other to discuss about the plan before the journey. “However, after meeting her, we talked and shared almost everything. Narissa makes me feel comfortable,” she said.

While in Thailand, Satomi visited Bangkok’s riverside in which many major landmarks of Bangkok are located. “We did a lot of window shopping and girls talk,” she said. “I was not confident at my English speaking. Nevertheless, not any moment did Narissa make me feel awkward. She was very kind and patient to explain to me everything,” she added.

“Travee connects the world with the locals.”

According to Satomi, it is unlikely for her to make friends with the locals while she is travelling. But through Travee, the travellers can connect to the locals easily. “Not only can I travel like a local, but also befriend with the locals!” said Satomi.

Of course, it is undeniable that travelling with tour company has always been an effortless choice, but for her, also the worst choice. “Following tour program means I’ll lose my freedom in time management and have limited choice of places I want to visit.”

“Travee is great for solo travelers.”

Satomi highly recommends Travee to women who like to travel alone. Like herself who has been travelling on her own most of the time. Usually, she buys a tour package offered by travel companies. But after her first experience with local guide from Travee, she found that only by traveling in a small group can bring out the best experience. “I just turned to Narissa and asked whatever question that popped on my mind without the concern of disturbing others,” she said.

“Travel at ease with a local guide.”

It is good that solo traveller can travel with confidence without depending on others. But wouldn’t it be better if one can also make friends with locals and get to know more of their culture? “By having a local guide, you’ll feel just like you are travelling in your home country, with a friend,” said Satomi. “I’m glad that Travee grants me this opportunity to meet new people and allows me to experience something so valuable”. Satomi hopes that people from all around the world can feel the way she felt from this trip by joining one of the host from Travee in their future trips.

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Travee is a platform that makes it possible for travelers to experience cities like locals. Through our website, we join together travelers who seek one of a kind travel experience with local people who are willing to welcome you to enjoy unique local get-arounds through plans made by individuals who live in the city.

Originally published at on November 28, 2015.

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