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Naturally, as a travel writer, I love to travel but I’ve never really enjoyed the endless hours searching for that perfect itinerary.

Now that I’m a Father of two, discovering a cheap flight is a top priority. Every penny saved means extra spending money for our trip which equates to extra ice creams and consequently extra cuddles which every parent knows are priceless!

In the fight to find cheap flights, I subscribe to a few cheap flight email newsletters. When I’m lucky enough to spot an email alert, it’s either irrelevant or the cheap fare is no longer, it’s frustrating. Some of the blame must be put at my feet for not paying greater attention to my emails as well as shrugging off the idea of downloading yet another app on my already bloated phone.

The solution to my frustrations was ironically sitting in my inbox, in the form of an invitation asking if I would like to review Travel Professor — a virtual travel assistant that sends you cheap flight deals and travel destination ideas based on your personal preferences.

Travel Professor — Cheap Flights App
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How does Travel Professor work?

It starts with a simple and quick conversation on Facebook Messenger. The Travel Professor asks you 5 travel questions that act as your travel preferences, these can be edited at any time. Once complete, you are presented with a few inspirational travel destination ideas and like magic you’ll begin receiving cheap flight alerts correlated to your travel preferences from time to time. Additional contact channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and Email can be added. The service is currently only available from airports departing UK and Ireland.

Is Travel Professor Free To Use?

A free subscription plan is available which will see you receive up to 4 highly relevant cheap flight alerts per month. As a free member you’ll have full control over the alerts you receive as well as access to 1000s of travel ideas. A premium membership is available from just £2.49 per month and includes extra perks such as creating a destination wish list, increased fare alerts and adding your home departure airports. With the average member saving £100s per flight, it pays for itself.

What Cheap Flight Deals Can You Expect?

In the 3 weeks that I have been a member, I have received jaw-dropping return fare flight deals to destinations including; Florida (£239), Cape Verde (£149), Greece (£49) and Malta (£29). Travel Professor utilises propriety software and a small team of travel experts to unearth the best deals, it’s working!

Most of the deals sent were departing at least 3 months ahead, providing ample time to plan everything. My travel preferences were set to “travelling with the family” which meant most of the alerts I received were in and around the school holidays.

I set my preferences to receive deals from departure airports throughout the whole of the UK as I wanted to keep my options open, I received alerts from a wide variety of airports including London Heathrow, Edinburgh, Luton, Manchester, London Gatwick, Cardiff, Birmingham and Newcastle. Premium members can specify their local airport and opt to receive deals from this airport and ones nearby, this will increase the relevancy of the alerts you receive.

How Did Travel Professor Start?

The Travel Professor was founded in early 2019 by Ryan Dearlove, who with a passion for travel and technology saw an opportunity to develop a new product that was different than anything else already out there. Travel Professor proved popular and within just a few months 1000s of subscribers had joined the cheap flights alert service.

Travel Professor Features


Travel Professor uses a small crew of flight hacking experts who combined with smart technology provide a powerful one-two combo that makes other cheap flight alert services look seriously outdated. Unlike traditional email newsletter services, Travel Professor takes the time to understand your ideal travel preferences. By getting to know what you like, Travel Professor can send you travel ideas and cheap flight alerts that are highly relevant to your personal and ever-changing circumstances.

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Ghost travel writer based in London, UK. Features on AFAR Magazine, National Geographic and BBC Travel.

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