This article is going to be writing about travel to Nepal. Who does not want to visit the birthplace of buddha and the home of mount Everest. Nepal is a landlocked Himalayan country, bordered by India and china. It’s a place like no other, where the warm-hearted people who are very spiritually advanced, while more technologically primitive reside.

Getting into Nepal

Nepal offers most countries citizen’s visas on arrival, Indians get free movement between Nepal and India. Please check your local visa requirements. …


Travel insurance, a topic that is often bound to come up for any traveller, be it your parents begging you to buy it, or being offered it at the time of booking your flights. Something you should not leave home without.

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance covering travellers in the event of many mishaps. …


Backpacking is the pastime of travelling to a foreign country, often with little more than a backpack of essentials, hence the name. It is a common form of travel of westerners, from students taking a gap year, to people saving up for a year or so of travelling. Backpackers often travel to many different countries, or explore one country in great detail. An individual may backpack solo, or in a pair or in a group. It is often a western term.

Why Backpacking?

Many people go backpacking to experience something different from their home country. It is often to experience different cultures, a sense of adventure, and to learn more about the world. Backpackers often are quite good at travelling on a budget, and to them it can often be one of the most enlightening experiences of their lives. You can often learn the local culture, and language of one country if you stay there long enough, and often make some friendships which may last a lifetime. …

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