How to visit Long Island?

The blissful and modern village of Andaman is 47 miles away from Port Blair and gives a divine experience. The blue planet is away from the humdrum of the city life and makes one give a much-needed break from the grueling corporate life. If you ever planned a trip to Andaman for more than a week or 10 days then Long island should not be the island you should miss. Many people have a misconception that in order to reach Long island one has to get another permit but that is not true. The permit you have got in Port Blair is enough to get you to the island but the journey is long and should be done on the jetty to avoid crossing the budget.

Often people ask how to visit Long Island? It depends on where you are staying: Port Blair, Havelock Island or Neil Island.

Ø From Port Blair: If budget is in your mind then the best and cheap way of transportation will bus till Rangat and then hopping on a boat from government-operated Yerrata Jetty. This is one way of reaching long island but it takes 8 hours to reach Rangat from Port Blair and then 1 hour from Rangat to Long Island so tourists have to start early. Though there are three more ways to reach the island:

· Take a personal vehicle for Rangat to travel comfortably and on your time frame then from Rangat board the boat.

· Take a direct boat from Port Blair to Long Island. As this will be your personal boat there is no obligation or time frame to reach the island and you can take the halts in between, explore another island, enjoy fishing or scuba diving, etc.

· Lastly, board a government operated a ferry from Port Blair to Long Island. This will be in your budget but tourists have to get up early and get the ticket as there are no advance bookings.

Ø From Havelock Island and Neil Island: The options from here are limited; one is the government ferry that operates from Port Blair. This ferry visits Havelock and Neil Island every alternate day and takes the passengers to the blue planet. Yet again on has to wake up early to purchase the tickets and board the ferry to the cancellation of the plans.

The second option is availing a private charter. This option is not viable for every tourist as it is expensive but it comes with its own charm. Having the entire crew and boat to yourself will give you the freedom to take halts in between and enjoy island hopping. But one has to carry his own food and essential items to avoid any problem during the voyage. This is an ideal option for those in a group of 10 or more as the expense will be divided and fun will be multiplied. Also, you don’t have to board the charter early morning; it can be according to your time and comfort.

Many people remark that Long Island is just a one village island and why to bother visiting the secluded island. But this is the island with best scuba diving and snorkeling options; it has amazing eco huts that make one feel transported to a time where everything was simple and peaceful. So if you have booked an Andaman tour package for 10 days or more do not miss Long Island.