Long Island Andaman: A crime free island

Long Island in Andaman archipelago is considered one of the most beautiful yet secluded islands. Most of the tourists do not visit the island as it is far away from major cities like Port Blair and Havelock Island; also it takes more than a week stay to visit the island. It is an island with a population of hardly 2000 people out of which hardly half of them live on the island permanently and depend on fishing and farming for an occupation. This island is known as a noise and crime-free island because it is not a much-populated island and is surrounded by forest and the vast expanse of sea. Though it is an island one must visit to enjoy scuba diving and relaxed vibes of the island. So the question arises How to visit Long Island?

As the island is situated 80km away from Port Blair it takes more than 8 hours to reach the island. One should start the journey early morning to reach the island on time. Mostly people have a query what are the major attractions in Long Island Andaman? Or what makes such a secluded island a subject of curiosity and wonder? If you always wondered what will be a place like devoid of vehicles, mobiles and crime then this island will give you all the pleasures of a simple and serene life. The major attractions this island has to offer are:

Ø Relax on the beach: It may take some time to accommodate the lifestyle of the long island as you will not find many tourists. People on the island are also in their work and there are hardly 5 rickshaws to for tourists. Most of the times you have to walk to explore the island but beaches are a sight to see and just take it all in. Clean and tidy beaches with a calm atmosphere will make you instantly relax and the sunsets are a sight for sore eyes. Explore Lalaji Bay and Guitar Island near the long island where you can visit on a ferry.

Ø Go scuba diving and snorkeling: Watersports in Long Island has a different feel and you can spend more time undersea as there are not many tourists here. Instructors will give you more time and every moment you spend underwater will enrich you and take away your stress. Scuba diving and snorkeling are major water sports for which people from different countries come here especially the certified trainers. If you are not into underwater adventure then enjoy boating in the serene turquoise blue water and do fishing.

Ø Island hopping on the ferry: Explore the neighboring islands like Guitar Island, North Passage Island and Merc Bay. It can be explored on a jetty or ferry and is a sight you should not miss. These islands are least crowded and have retained the marvels of nature, simple lifestyle and are mostly barren. Day trip to these islands will make you relax and enjoy the ride on the ferry.

Long Island is also known as Blue Island or Raw Island as this is the island known for its simple lifestyle and beauty in its natural form. One can explore the forests on the island as well and will see many wooden houses that are left barren as most of the people have left the island. If you are visiting Andaman for the first time and for a short trip then you can give this island a miss but if you are here for a week or more then you must visit Long Island.