Top 3 Cuisines You Must Savor During Your Vietnam Trip

Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture & Vietnamese foods are the most renowned cuisines in the globe as they blend together a variety of tastes and flavors. While street restaurants are everywhere, as the city becomes more prosperous, Vietnam Culinary cuisines are going indoor as well. Today, there’re so many local eateries that offer quality & genuine Vietnamese cuisines. Here in this post we will have a good look at some of the popular Vietnam Culinary dishes that you must want to check out on your next Vietnam tour Packages.

Staple Pho:

The list of Vietnamese cuisine is absolutely incomplete without mentioning Pho. This plain staple food consisting of salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a pinch of herbs & beef or chicken, features mainly in the local diet. The best thing is, it’s tasty, affordable and widely available anytime you want. Pho has earned a reputation not just in terms of Vietnam cuisines but also world cuisines. Clear stock, fresh herbs and soft noodles are three essential aspects to produce an exceptional Pho dish. When visiting Vietnam check for Pho in the Culinary Packages.

Banh mi — Vietnamese baguette Sandwich:

A common dish served along with Pho, Banh Mi, has grabbed an increasing fan base all over the world. The exceptionality of Banh mi not just lies inside the light & crunchy baguette, but also the distinction of flavors.

This baguette sandwich filled with greens & a selection of fillings, encompassing pâté & freshly cooked omelet, is so appetizing that it is been imitated all over the globe. In South Vietnam, you can easily find banh mi dishes that feature a more vibrant combination of cold cuts, cheese, sausage, vegetables, fresh cilantro, fried egg and chili sauce.

Banh Cuon — Steamed Rice Cake:

Savor the French influence in this popular and appetizing recipe made from wheat, egg & dairy products. Vietnamese particularly from the North, take pride in their steamed crepe made from rice flour & water. Ground pork, wood-ear, onion & seasoning are stuffed within this spicy meal. Majority of the chefs make it right at the entry door employing the steaming method. Banh cuon is catered with a blend of fish sauce including sugar & lime. Do not miss to check for all available Vietnam Culinary Packageswhile in your tour to Vietnam.

Your Vietnam tour comes with specialties, chopstick to aromatic soup, and a greeted lunch to a welcome Dinner you get endless options of to change your taste bud. Vietnam Culinary Packages gives unlimited traditional appetite options in your limited touring time.

If you want to savor more cuisines or dishes of Vietnam then don’t forget to check out the customized Vietnam Culinary Packages offered by Travel Authentic Asia. This package is specially designed for people who want to explore the local culture and foods of Vietnam. If you need any help, feel free to speak to our travel experts on +84 912221442.

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