Israel-The City I was afraid of

Welcome to Israel

I have just recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Israel. A must travel to for most that I have spoken with. It was unlike any destination I have ever traveled to for many different reasons. To name a few:

1. I was fearful !

I was afraid to travel to Israel. I wanted to blend in with the people and not look like an American. For the most part, I brought all black clothes. Even bought a black umbrella in NYC instead of bringing the pretty red one I had from home.

My fear was unwarranted, I felt and was very safe. We walked freely around all areas that we visited. I journeyed there as part of a travel agent tour group to get to know the country, come home and talk about it with knowledge. It was easy to walk around and stay out late at night . Our tour company assured us they knew the areas we were traveling to. They knew what was going on and where to take us and where not to take us. We were probably more safe in Israel than we had been in NYC. There were Israeli soldiers in plain view who were armed and patrolling as part of the everyday traffic. Not intimidating, but we knew they were keeping us safe.

2. Three main faiths one place.

It was evident that Israel is a country with 3 distinct faiths; Islamic Temples, Christian Churches, and Jewish Synagogues With their bells or music or calls to prayer, they were competing to be heard.

The Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall

The Sea of Galilee

The Dome of The Rock

1st Place you can be baptised in Jordan River

1st Place you can be baptised in Jordan River

3. This is the biggest reason to visit; the History.

Where Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River

You can see Jordan from Israel right at the Jordan River edge, It is right across the way . Under every footprint that you may make there is history. Israel is full of stories of when time began. We started our journey in Nazareth, the tiny town where a young woman would hear she would give birth to the Hebrew King. We then set out to Capernaum where the disciples would meet Jesus and where we can still see what is believed to be Peter’s home. (first picture in the post)We drove through Jericho and on to the River of Jordan where Jesus was baptized. We walked through markets trading and bargaining for spices and goods just like the old times.

We went to the Western Wall a/k/a The Wailing wall and The Temple Mount. Where Solomon’s Temple once stood.

Jerusalem was exceptional, the old city with all of the old stone and passageways.

Jaffa- The oldest port city in the world.

Jonah was in Jaffa trying to hide from God

Beautiful Port City of Jaffa

So much to cover….., I don’t want to overwhelm. So I will stop there for now.

Until next time

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