What your teeth tells others about your personality

It’s said that the first thing people notice about others are their shoes. Others say it’s the shirt. Either way, there are a bunch of things about you that contribute to others’ first impression when meeting you for the first time. And undoubtedly, one of the first noticed things about you that leaves the longest lasting impression are your teeth.

Our teeth are like badges, or identity cards that make a statement about our health, hygiene and even our social status. Most people believe strong, white teeth are a sure sign of success, prosperity and good health. It’s also a sexually attractive trait that makes you appear more appealing and even more trustworthy.

But did you know the shape of your teeth can also be an indicator of your type of personality?

Let’s look at different shapes of teeth and see what they might have to say about their owner’s personality.

Oval Teeth: These teeth shape is noticeably rounder around the edges and has less of a square shape to it. It’s said people with oval teeth are likely to be more artistic with a tendency to show off their artistic nature. It is also said that those in this category are shier than most which is why they use art to express themselves.

Square Teeth: The shape of square teeth is quite clear because of its angular form and defined edges. Because of the clear definition of square teeth’s shape, their owners tend to have very clearly defined personalities and are usually quite blunt when speaking. People with this type of teeth are also known to be disciplined and have an impressive amount of self-control.

Other qualities of square toothed people include that they make for good friends, and tend to be organised.

Rectangle Teeth: This type can be easily mistaken for a square toothed person, but if you look closely, you’ll notice it to be longer along the sides when compared to square teeth.

People with rectangular teeth tend to be the crowd favourite because of their practicality. They also tend to be result oriented, go getters who aren’t fans of quitting.


People with rectangular teeth are also very good smooth talkers, and are excellent at managing time and resources.

Triangle Teeth: When I say triangle teeth I don’t mean pointed and serrated like something out of the movie Jaws or Dracula. No, the triangle shape comes from the pattern of the gum over their teeth and the flat base of the teeth.

Owners of this type of teeth are more often than not very caring and sympathetic people. They are also very good at showing love and making others feel appreciated. Not only that, they are also fun loving, optimistic, and carefree people who like to take life easy.

Crooked Teeth: This is not to disparage anyone with crooked teeth or to make them feel bad, but it is true that most people either don’t trust a person with bad teeth, or just aren’t willing to listen to them or take them seriously.

Crooked teeth are the type that don’t fall under any of the previous descriptions because the teeth have refused to fall in line due to their crooked placement.

People with crooked teeth tend to be underdogs and shy but have a strong will and desire to prove themselves. Fortunately for them, the availability of orthodontics and cosmetic surgery have made it such that people with crooked teeth don’t have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

None of the above descriptions are born of an exact science, but the rectangular shape of my teeth seem to match my personality traits.

What about you……

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