Announcement on increasing the amount of active delegates of TravelChain

Mar 19, 2018 · 2 min read

TravelChain is a self-managed and self-regulated economic system.
Delegates there act as technical observers. There is TravelChain software on their servers and for the system maintenance they get rewarded with TravelTokens.

Network functioning and executed program code of the economic system depends on delegates. When a need of changing the code in order to implement additional functions of the blockchain core appears, delegates will do this job.
What’s more, if delegates do something wrong they can be disbanded by the community at any moment and gathered again but with different members.

Amount and membership of system delegates is fully managed by the community via real-time voting. Votes for delegates get recalculated once an hour with the delegative democracy rules. It means that every community member can vote by himself/herself or give his right of vote to another community member.

Each delegate should create post about himself/herself, make an introduction. Community should consider the fact that by choosing delegates they make a decision on the technical management of the TravelChain blockchain — technical leaders.

Anyone can become delegate.
What you need is dedicated server, minimal skills of working with Linux OS and the most important — support of the community.
Instructions on launching the delegate node are here.

Increasing the amount of delegates from 3 to 11 people.
Increasing the reward for every signed block from 0.0125 TT to 1.25 TT.
Decision has force since the moment of publication.

For those delegates who will publish a post about themselves before 01.04.2017: fee for an upgrade will be paid from the digital development fund of the network. For those delegates who have already made and published post about themselves: fee refund too.

Write a post about yourself, publish it in your social networks and send the community forum branch.


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