Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: new Oracle created?

Feb 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Times are going fast, tech is developing even faster than time, but don’t you think that time is going in circles sometimes and actions that were forgotten thousands years ago are happening again but in a different way.

Several examples:

  • Gold price chart many years ago almost corresponds to the Bitcoin chart. Isn’t it a coincidence that Bitcoin is called digital gold?
  • Electric cars are being invented ONCE again (hey, Elon)
  • ICO hype looks like the dot com era: companies ask for money, giving promises instead, the one who are lucky to survive, make owners of these promises rich

We can continue forever, but let’s go a little bit deeper to the article topic. Imagine you are in an ancient Greece. Rumours going around about a mysterious creature which knows everything and can predict your future: Oracle of Delphi.

Sounds like another mythological story which makes kids bored at the history class. It is not possible that someone will know everything and will be open to share their knowledge with people, you share.

And you will be right. SomeONE won’t.

Something definitely will and it progresses with a speed of light right now.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain in a connection form this magician who knows everything that happened, happens and will happen.

But, enough of magic! Let’s dig into the tech side.

Artificial intelligence (AI) — is a program that takes input data, remembers and processes it in order to give more accurate output data, finding consequences, predictions and knowing more than a human can. It is powered by the computational powers so it works even faster than brain. The more data comes to an AI the more accurate and extended result it will give to the user.

One part of a puzzle solved. But why blockchain is here? It is for cryptocurrencies, isn’t it?

Blockchain for short is a system for decentralized data storage which is owned by nobody and everybody at the same time. You can get any public data from there, you have your private key for performing operations from your account. Managed by every user of the system. Every cryptocurrency is based on this technology.

Told simple, works complicated, but let me explain the details of my comparison.

Comparing this tech to Oracle of Delphi:

  • Everyone could go to Oracle. Such as everyone can manage blockchain. But you need to pay a small amount of money, such as the network fee in any blockchain
  • Oracle somehow gathered the knowledge about this world and had an extraordinary mind. Such as AI which gathers information about the subject of research and has an extraordinary computer mind.
  • Oracle didn’t have any owner, no one can control him. The main social aspect of decentralization which blockchain gives to us.

But, Oracle have stopped working thousands of years ago. We are making the technology that will live forever.

This software will continuously capture data from motivated by the currency users getting more powerful and powerful making its knowledge infinite and being open to share its mind to everyone.

Such systems really know everything that happened, everything that happens and… will try to predict the future assuming they have such a BIG data flowing through them.

Imagine what an ancient Greek’s face would look like if he was told that anybody now can create his own personal Oracle who can do such things for the prosperity of the whole humanity.

And you really want to know who are this heroes who are making this technological Pantheon of the modern world.

These guys are for example are Singularity.NET — a platform for the development of different AI-s which could be created and would be able to communicate with each other inside the singularity network.

Many others are up to join the party and we can’t wait to see such combo disrupt the whole system we are in!

And still we want to remind you, that our handsome Oracle soon will be glad to help you travelling all over the world. It will make his maximum effort to make you the best journey offer and will be glad to help everyone.

You don’t need to go miles to the TravelChain, like ancient Greeks did. It is in your smartphone.


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