In a rush for the travellers’ desires: what centralized platform lacks?

Apr 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Journeys should match tourists’ expectations and even exceed them. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. Soon everything will change and not a single trip will turn out to be disappointing.
Are you ready for something absolutely new?

Reason is hidden in the problems travellers are facing and in unfulfilled desires. Main factor here is absence of the system which will prevent such problems.
Actively used centralized platforms indeed can’t do it, but decentralized services can change the current state.

But how do you exclude or avoid “weak spots” in travelling? To begin with, let’s find out which problems of tourists are in question. We have found an answer in the customers’ requests.

Top of this list are problems connected with the accomodation.

Small hotel room; far from the sea; conditioning not working — this is what every traveller faces.

Such situations disappoint and spoil the first impression, especially, if the reviews of this place were 100% positive.
How do you avoid such troubles?


Use decentralized applications, like TravelChain, for the hotel search. Because of the blockchain technology behind them and lack of the centralized pressure, reviews can’t be faked or deleted. And the rating system that depends on the value of information will provide big amount of the rational reviews. This means that you will have fair and full enough information about your destination place


Trusting reviews only from the centralized platform can be risky. Absence of the verification and the fact that owner can delete the review can’t guarantee you unbiased point of view.

Next place can be given to the payment problem.

Part of the travellers still do not pay for the hotel room beforehand in order not to put at risk the whole journey.

There are many examples of the fraud in such cases: paid beforehand — hotel staff said that payment has not been received; paid for the room — hotel doesn’t even exist; representatives promised to discount the price for the booking, but refused to to it afterwards.

What can help you avoiding fraud?


You can pay for the services via decentralized platform, so the fact of payment included into the block will be forever stored there. This will be enough to prove the payment made. All agreements will stay the same no matter what happens. That means that fraud possibility comes straight to 0.


Centralized platforms act as a middlemen between you and the service provider, which means that they don’t have any responsibility. Such giants as Booking, indeed are ready to help you in such cases, but the question is in the effectiveness of this help. Will such help be effective? Will it restore your lost time and emotions?

There is one unreachable desire of the most travellers — finding what they are trying to find.

Tourists deal either with a lack of choice or overpricing. Reason is in high fees(around 40%) on different stages of service provision and impossible monopolistic pressure for the small and medium business. But, we won’t leave this without a solution!


Decentralized platform with extremely low fees (around 0.5 %) and equal rights and opportunities for every business supports the healthy competent market on the most efficient level. That means that users will be able to choose the best suitable offer for the price they are ready to purchase.


This problem is mostly affecting only centralized applications which can’t make a solution to this. This is a fault of the system which is behind the services, especially expensive maintenance of the centralized platform.

Now imagine you going to the journey without any fear. Hotel next to the sea with an exit right to the beach is already waiting for you. You have read the reviews and you are sure that you will get what you have desired. Price is what you have expected from it, because now service provider is not affected by enormous fees. You don’t care about any kind of fraud because your transaction and agreement is on the blockchain and will never go away from there. A journey which you deserve is already waiting.

Decentralized platforms are the future without any doubt.
Success of a business in the tourism sphere depends on the implementation of the decentralized features and integration to the new system.

Prospects of the centralized network are not clearly seen right now. But, we are sure that users should get what they desire for.

Attention of the travel industry representatives should be focused on such a systems, not on dealing with the problems of outdated centralized approach.

Lock’n’load — it’s right about time to change this world!

Are you ready for the technological revolution?


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