The future awaits: travels, that bring only positive emotions

Feb 23, 2018 · 3 min read

In one of the previous articles, discussing the future trend on “pre-set tours”, we came across one important and interesting topic — the trend of modern technologies.
Due to the vastness and versatility of this theme, we decided to launch a separate, independent category of articles, which will focus on the weaknesses of the existing traveling world. Moreover, speaking about the problems, we will offer our vision of possible solutions.

After all, everyone cares about the simple but controversial question: what the future prepares for us?

The technological progress indeed will bring us the resolution of the major problems of many different traveling aspects.
One of the examples is the TravelChain project and its desire to unite all tourist Internet platforms and services for collaboration within one system.
At the same time, the aim of the project is to cover every possible service the traveler may need and even more.
It will be useful for the development of both independent and packaged tours — now constantly competing units on the travel market.

But why do we need these changes?

As for the” package “ proposals, the main problem remains in the lack of personalisation. It is impossible to consider the wishes of every customer. Moreover, sometimes people don’t even know what they really want.
But when travel agencies will have access to more detailed information about the clients, which can be provided by the services such as TravelChain,
the popularity of the packaged offers will definitely increase. They will become what they’ve meant to be from the very beginning — a more profitable offer.
Now business will know in advance what you expect from the trip: not only the desired distance from the hotel to the sea, but also the details of your lifestyle.

Independent travelers will agree that the planning stage of the upcoming vacation might be very difficult.
The real problem is finding information.
Thousands of sites scattered over the Internet, and none of them contain everything you need at once. For a potential tourist, it means an incredible number of the browser tabs and tons of the same-looking websites. And this is only a small part of the time and energy costs, which travelers are “paying” during the preparation stage of their independent trip.
And again, the solution comes from modern technologies.
Internet platforms based on blockchain, for example, TravelChain, combining everything you are looking for: housing, air tickets, car rentals, local entertainment, etc.

Just one page and a thousand trips ahead. It’s better to spend time thinking nicely about the upcoming trip, isn’t it?

And there is more. In the near future tours will overgrow the state in which they exist now. They will be not a pre-made choice for you, but will contain all your desires and preferences for the best possible price. And you can control the “package” without leaving your home, using a mobile phone and the Internet together with TravelChain.

How will it affect the situation?

We believe not only in technology, but also in the opportunities that the tourism market has to offer.

New technologies will give people a look at travel planning from the new point of view; to see not a doubtful opportunity to entrust their journey into the wrong hands, but a way to get the best result at a lower price (the complete material on the subject of Agency tours you will find here).
This will give travelers an opportunity to choose consciously, and not rely on the general opinion about the “irrelevance” of the pre-set holiday.
Those who still prefer to cope with the planning of their trips on their own, will be surprised how pleasant and easy this process will be.

After all, traveling is a source of the positive emotions, do you agree?


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