What future has for us? Life without borders

Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read

In the modern world freedom and endless opportunities are important as never to every human being. Apart from that, in a well-planned work schedule there is always a lack of spontaneity.
And what can be more encouraging and exciting than unplanned journey?

Imagine that you have got an idea of going to Paris on weekend. Just suddenly… Because of the small amount of time till the weekend and desire to rest, increasing every minute, you are ready for any conditions: high price for the last tickets, last room in an expensive hotel.

But, what can you do with such a strong desire of going somewhere at least for a few days?

Here you face the problem of visa restrictions.

Getting schengen visa, necessary for the trip to Paris, takes from 5 to 10 days if you are lucky with the season of course. Peak of the demand is on the first weeks of summer and winter, getting visa this time takes more than 2 weeks. Do you see endless opportunities? Is it right that the most profitable for business spontaneous trips become impossible for travellers?

We deny obstacles and restrictions in travelling.
Goal of tourism is the enlargement of cultural borders, such obstacles are making this harder.

How can this be changed?

Traveller’s passport is an important part of TravelChain.

It will replace every needed documents for travelling and will contain history of your travels. Basing on different impressions and reviews from other users and service providers user rating will be built. While written in the blockchain it will be a part of this passport which is absolutely resistant to fraud.

That’s how only one function will open every opportunity of this world. Or not every?

No less serious problem is a currency regulation:

  • Exchange fees
  • Payments in different currency with your credit card
  • Restrictions on import and export of the currencies

To export $5000 equivalent out of Turkey for example you need to declarate it when entering. If you have forgotten about it or haven’t known about it, inattention on one side of the border could turn out to a big problem with law and other troubles.

Technical development gives answer to this question too.

Solution is in cryptocurrencies.

Unified, easy accessible, with high transaction speed and opportunity to be used at any point of the planet.

They will become full replacement of fiat money one day.
Cryptocurrencies will erase borders between people and systems uniting them into one entity.

One more way of changing current reality — Travel Tokens.

Coins of the TravelChain project which could be used for exchange on goods and services all over the world. They could easily be converted to fiat and be used outside the system. Pleasant bonus — you can get them for active participation in TravelChain’s life.

Changes are not only coming in future, they are happening right now. And it depends only on you how soon they will touch your life. You just need to start.

Are you ready to free yourself from the borders?


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