5 techniques to help you pack. We know it’s a nightmare but we’re here for you.

Feb 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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Packing…Quite often is as exciting as it is a nightmare. Wrapping up the bags symbolize that you’re actually going on a trip. It means all the adventures to come, all the stories you’re going to be able to tell and all the places you’ll visit. However, it also means to undo your entire closet and put it inside the luggage in the best way possible. I personally hate it.

Packing is an art. An art usually one of the travellers doesn’t understand quite well. -In my case, those travellers are my mom and sister- I mean, how many pairs of shoes and purses do you think would fit inside a bag? Well, from my experience, it doesn’t matter!!! I mean, it really doesn’t. No matter how clear it is that any bag shouldn’t weight more than 23 pounds or otherwise you’ll have to pay the overweight penalty. They still are going to buy 2, 3, 7, 10 purses, 20 pairs of shoes and all kind of makeup and clothes. The worst part is that half of that stuff you don’t even care about is going inside your bag on the way back home. Of course, despite the “fair distribution of clothing” you’ll have to open another suitcase –normally in the middle of the airport and in front the counter– which you didn’t know existed to re-accommodate the content of all the bags. As I said, I hate it.

Luckily for you, TravelContact has made a list of techniques that will simplify your life when it comes to packing your bags. Are you ready? Let’s see.


The roll and wrap has nothing to do with the fast-food yellow M we all love. But it would take for you to roll all your clothes and then wrap them up as a…well, as a “wrap”. This technique will allow you to gain more space while fitting your mom’s shoes in the middle of your shirts.

#2. A BIG HUG.

You won’t have to hug anybody, but your shirts will. Lay down two or three of your shirts facing up in the bottom of your bag. However, the sleeves of your shirts must remain outside the suitcase. Later, set down a few of your jeans on top of your shirts and make your shirts to hug them. It’s crazy but it works! Then you just have to repeat the process until you finish.


This is one here is my mom’s favorite. You just have to buy some resalable plastic bags and put your accessories inside them. Then place them in the corner or at the bottom side of the bag. It will definitely help you gain some order and space.


Hey, calm down. You won’t have to hire anybody. You just have to buy some closet organizers and place them inside the bag. It would help to classify the clothes and everything will be less chaotic.

#5. FILE UP.

This one will require some imagination. You have to imagine every item you’re hoping to pack as a “file.” Yes, a file. Fold every item and place it vertically inside the suitcase. At the end, your bag will be a filing drawer.

We really enjoy giving you some tips. Please let us know how it went. Have a good trip!

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