Why you should visit Oktoberfest in 2017

We started our month-long Europe trip in Munich, Germany on September 28, arriving just in time for Oktoberfest 2016, which far exceeded my wildest expectations on so many levels.

The endless sight of happy faces, carnival rides and beer-drinking tents mixed with the aroma of delicious sausages was intoxicating and mesmerizing.

One of the most incredible components of the event was the opportunity to mingle with millions of people from across the world. At one point, I was sitting at a table with people from Germany, South Korea, Argentina and Italy, all enjoying each other’s company and positive spirits. While at times it was difficult to communicate, we all had smiles across our faces and found a common ground on having a fantastic time.

If you’re still making travel plans for 2017, I would suggest adding Oktoberfest to the list! If you’re thinking about attending Oktoberfest at some point, here are a few of my suggestions to make the most of your experience.


If you have the means, I strongly suggest purchasing authentic dirndls and/or lederhosens. Ladies, a few tips on your attire:

  • Make sure your dress is to your knees.
  • If you’re single, tie your apron to the left, but if you’re taken, tie it to your right.

-Bring cash

Many tents only accept cash. While there are ATMs at the festival, you may get hit with various fees and have to wait a while. Avoid the hassle by bringing cash, and plenty of it!

-Go during the day and night

Attending Oktoberfest during the day can be a completely different experience during the day versus the night, so I’d recommend carving out enough time during your stay in Munich to do both.

-Pace yourself if drinking

With the festive atmosphere, it’s easy to get caught up in heavy drinking, but be advised that the beer is strong and the masses are well, massive. It is vital to pace yourself to avoid ending up on the notorious “puke hill.” With every mass you drink, I suggest drinking a glass of water and consuming some type of snack to avoid overconsumption.

-Ride the Ferris wheel at night

The view at top of the Ferris wheel at night is a breathtaking experience with all of the flashing lights and celebrations. Snapping a video is the best way to capture the moment.

-Participate in the Teufelsrad (Devil’s Wheel)

This ride is one of the most festive things to do at the Oktoberfest celebration (outside of drinking). In this game, contestants hop on a large slippery disc and try to be the last one standing as is spins. It is much like musical chairs. You pay for entry then can stay as long as you’d like!

-Research and reserve before you go

Although we made it work with only a month in advance planning, I highly suggest planning WAY earlier, like a year. Before attending, do some research of the various tents and make reservations if necessary. I was not granted access to a bunch of tents for this reason.

If you’ve already been to Oktoberfest, do you have any additional tips to share? I certainly welcome them, as I definitely plan to attend again!

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