Facts and figures

Sweden is 53% agnostic and 23% atheistic.*

I would like to dispel one myth in particular with the following statistic: Sweden ranks as #44 on the list of suicide rates by country. That is lower on the list as compared with the United States which is listed at #33.

Unemployment among people ages 15 to 19 is 35%, ages 20 to 24 is 20%, and ages 25 to 29 is 10%. The national average is 7.5%.

Many people confuse Sweden when they really mean the capital Stockholm. The city has more liberal stances than the surrounding nation. It’s kind of a bubble. The majority of the country is farmland and forests. Think NOVA. The capital is more diverse. Wikipedia tells me that the city consists of about a 30% non-ethnically Swedish population. That’s staggering and impressive. I wonder how they’re holding up in terms of segregation since that seems to be a hot topic in Scandinavia these days.

*Don’t recall where I got these figures from, probably accurate.