Benefits of TravelerToken for customers

We at TravelerToken are anxious to establish a revolutionary product, which will restructure the trourism industry to the mutual benefit of all its users. Those mutual benefits apply to the customers as well as to our business partners.

We already talked about the great advantages, that blockchain technology has to offer and how it will affect the way that businesses work. Combined with it, TLT offers several advantages to its customers, mainly focusing on security aspects. They will not have to suffer from overbookings, fraud or the fear of being hacked. Along with this, our ecosystem ensures control over customers data privacy, low prices because of eliminated fees and middlemen and enables the use of interesting cross platform services.

TLT Debit Card: The TLT debit card enables to withdraw FIAT currencies from any ATM anywhere in the world in the local currency. By offering this service, the customers are able to spend their multiple virtual currencies anytime and anywhere, which will simplify many aspects related to traveling. By holding the debit card, travelers will be in total control of their tokens, sending and receiving funds easily.

Loyalty Program: TravelerTokens standardized, cooperative loyalty program with automatic smart contracts and instant gratification is another benefit.

TLT reward points can be earned by using travel, car, shopping, finance or leisure related services. In return to that, customers are able to spend the earned points on flight, hotel, car rental, worldshop or gift cards bookings and purchases.
There will also be an initial, special reward program for token buyers and other limited TLT branded unique items for all ICO participants.

Rating system: Moreover we will introduce a cross-platform rating system, based on real interactions and incorruptible, trustworthy data.

Crypto Exchange: Crypto exchange will be possible due to the fact that TravelerToken will be traded on established exchanges, allowing to trade them into any FIAT or cryptocurrency.

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