Liverpool to combat climate change with Blockchain Tech

Liverpool wants to become the fist climate-positive city in the world by making use of blockchain technology.

The latest announcements show that the Liverpool City Council wants to integrate blockchain technology into the city’s daily operations in partnership with the nonprofit Poseidon Foundation. The main goal of it is to become a climate-positive city by the end of the year 2020.

Over the next 12 months, Liverpool will trial its climate-positive strategy.There is already an action plan for the next months. Poseidon will work with institutions such as the city’s local schools, universities and businesses to spread awareness about climate impact. In order to explore how individual companies in Liverpool can become more climate positive and what the role of Poseidon in this process is, Joe Anderson, Liverpool´s mayor, will host a strategic business summit in September with many organizations across the city.

While discussing the partnership Anderson said:

“Poseidon’s technology is the first of its kind to truly deliver a solution to governments, businesses and individuals around the world to help reverse the causes of climate change and I am thrilled this agreement will bring this cutting-edge technology to our city. Liverpool City Council has a significant carbon footprint because of all the services we provide — be it street lighting, the running of countless properties like St George’s Hall or the Arena and our fleet of vehicles. We are already making significant strides to reduce our impact […] but that is not enough and partnering with Poseidon […] means we can explore radical new ways to do more.”

Liverpool hopes that its efforts will help reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030. According to the announcement, such a reduction would equal the preservation of 136 million trees, or 338,000 football fields worth of forest.

In the past few months, the crypto space has seen other energy-related advancements.

One good example would be the Santa Clara municipal electric company. Silicon Valley Partner announced a projekt with the Australian blockchain based renewable energy startup called Power Ledger. The goal behind the partnership is to track electric vehicle charging and simplify the process of earning California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

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