How To Switch To The Improved TRF (DAG)?

In this guide we will explain you how to switch your “old” TRF to the new DAG based TRF.

Please go to: to download the new DAG based wallet. More information on how to set up the wallet can be found here:

The new explorer can be found here:

The old wallet (yellow) can be found here:

Everyone needs to “swap” their old TRF coins (based on Scrypt technology) to the new TRF coins (based on a D.A.G. algorithm). For this, you will need to have your account at TravelFlex and the new desktop wallet.


Please log in to your TravelFlex account at If you don’t have an account here yet, just create one.

Make sure all your “old” TRF coins are in your web wallet at

Download and install the new wallet. The new wallet can be found here: (for Windows, Linux and Mac)*

Copy the new wallet in the box under “Your new wallet address” in your account. Just set up your wallet and click on “receive” to find your new wallet address.

Click on “swap all your coins”

Your swapped coins will be send to your new wallet.

This may take between a few minutes and a few hours. Please be patient. Try to restarting your wallet and looking up your new wallet’s address in the explorer first, to check if coins have been sent already:

* In case you do not have a pc or laptop, you can also use the wallet address on any exchange that is trading TRF.

You can send OLD TRF from any wallet (including desktop, mobile, old and new web wallet and exchange) to the web wallet beta on your TravelFlex account. In case you use a desktop wallet; please make sure it is synced. In case you sent from the old web wallet (at, you can just log in to the web wallet and send the coins directly.


  • Please read the Terms & Conditions.
  • The desktop wallet software does not constitute an account where the developer of this software or any third party serves as a financial intermediary or a custodian of the coins, bytes or other valuables.
  • You are responsible for safekeeping Your passwords, private key pairs, PINs and any other codes You use to access the software.
  • All transaction requests are irreversible.
  • If the device on which the wallet was installed gets replaced or the wallet software get deleted, the funds in the wallet can be recovered only with a backup, which should be created right after installation of the wallet software.
  • Coins must be send to the new desktop wallet before the end of the swap period. Do not leave your coins anywhere else.
  • The authors of the software and TravelFlex cannot retrieve your private keys or passwords if you lose or forget them and cannot guarantee transaction confirmation as they do not have any control over it.
  • Do NOT follow any instructions concerning the swap if they do not come from any of our official channels.
  • TravelFlex will never ask you for any passwords.

Our OFFICIAL channels:


Join our Telegram chat and give a big thanks to our developers (they deserve your love and support) who worked really hard to convert TravelFlex to DAG even before Q4 as per Roadmap: