The New TRF DAG Coin— One Of The Fastest Cryptocurrencies

Amazing news! Travelflex has switched to a DAG based algorithm in order to solve the scalability problems faced by many other cryptocurrencies and to become one of the front-runners in blockchain technology.

DAG is believed to be blockchain 3.0 and brings Travelflex into the future!

First, there was Bitcoin, then there was Ethereum, now there is DAG. DAG is much more efficient than other blockchain solutions and is used to help solve multiple issues with data processing, data compression and finding the most effective navigation routes.

One of the fastest coins on the market!

The new TRF DAG coin is lightning fast, with current transaction speeds of around 4,000 TPS. Of course, these speeds will only continue to get faster, with estimations that by December, TRF will be up to 10,000 TPS, making us one the fastest coins in existence.

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