The Revolutionary Travelflex Crypto ATM Machine

Travelflex is introducing a revolutionary cryptocurrency ATM and CDM machine that will be used with your Travelflex debit card and will allow you to purchase TRF, BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH with Fiat! These ATM/CDM machines will be placed at strategic tourist locations around the world, changing the way you travel with crypto.

Conveniently Convert Crypto Into Fiat Or Vice Versa

Currently in the testing phase, users will conveniently be able to withdraw fiat from their cryptocurrency accounts as well, meaning you can instantly sell your cryptocurrencies and receive the local currency for whichever country you are travelling in at that time.

In the case that you withdrew more local currency than you spent on your travels, you will be able to use the CDM to change that local currency back into crypto in just a matter of minutes.

Travelflex! Changing the way you travel with crypto!

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