TravelFlex is introducing CoinBack.

TravelFlex is introducing CoinBack, a cashback program that lets registered users earn back a percentage of their purchases in TRF.

With CoinBack, it is also possible to earn an extra percentage derived from the activities of referrals. Users will be able to invite their friends to use the CoinBack service, which will result in extra benefits for both the user and the referred friend.

TravelFlex is currently testing integration with their wallet. A structural PHP (user dashboard, referral system and website interface) have already been developed. The next step is to integrate the TravelFlex blockchain and the TravelFlex wallet into the system. Once integration research has been completed, a roadmap for future development will be provided.

An example of CoinBack
Bob goes to a restaurant affiliated with CoinBack and pays the bill with 1000 TRF. A percentage of that 1000 TRF will be returned to Bob’s CoinBack wallet. Another percentages goes to the referrer who introduced Bob to CoinBack. Another percentage goes to TravelFlex, which will be used for further development. The restaurant gets another customer for participating in the CoinBack program and thus profits as well.

At this moment, we are considering percentages of 4–5%.

CoinBack will be launched Monday November 12th, 2018. Starting Monday, you will be able to register as a Platinum Member for free! You can use the following link to sign up: