TravelFlex is proud to announce a listing on a great exchange: IDAX!

The International Digital Asset Exchange, or IDAX, is a cryptocurrency exchange headquarted in Mongolia and is originated from the Global Blockchain Research Center (GBC), which covers a total area of 200,000 square meters and includes such things as business offices, digital mining area, high-end residential areas, high-tech research and experimental zones.

The future Global Blockchain Research Center (GBC)

The GBC is still expanding and will be designed to be an ultimate blockchain technology park. The GBC staff consists of dozens of experts and technicians from more than 10 countries and regions and mainly engaged in research in the following subdivisions: blockchain artificial intelligence, machine self-learning, deep learning and semantic learning; Blockchain robots, UAVs, Cognitive nanobots; Improvements in blockchain cognitive science, neuroscience, imaging, and BCIS; Research on the reputation system of blockchain intelligent agents; Blockchain intelligent contracts, Dapps, DAO, DAC, DCOs research; Blockchain mining, Consensus trust, Automated algorithm implementation research; Blockchain virtual reality, Cloud computing, Distributed trust research; Blockchain complex adaptive system; Computational complexity Theoretical Research and Blockchain and Health: EMR, Large Data Banking Security, Virtual Patient Simulations, and more. The park is supported by Mongolia’s national policies.

IDAX provides a web-based basic exchange platform, as well as an advanced exchange in which you can utilize different trading tools. Deposits are free and there is a flat trading fee of 0.2%. Withdrawal fees and amounts depend on the coin or token. IDAX has a daily volume of about $250 million and has already listed just over 100 coins and tokens.

Trading will start November 20th

TravelFlex believes that IDAX has great potential to become the number one exchange in the world. It is not just a simple exchange, it is also a company with a lot of knowledge about anything blockchain and on top of that it is supported by their government! 
More discussions about a partnership with IDAX regarding the ATM will follow.

IDAX will launch TRF on BTC/ETH Pairs.
Deposit Start Time: 6:00P.M., 20th Nov,2018 (UTC+08:00)
Trading Start Time: 8:00P.M., 20th Nov, 2018(UTC+08:00)
Withdrawal Start Time:8:00P.M., 20th Nov, 2018 (UTC+08:00)

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