TravelFlex WebShop development

In a few weeks, the Travelflex WebShop will be ready and online. From fishing gear to fashion, books to electronics, tickets to hotel bookings… Any business will be able to upload their products and start selling for TRF. We will set up a Travelflex merchant wallet for you where you can see all transactions and the amount of TRF you have received. If you want to receive fiat currency for your TRF, there will also be a total amount of fiat currency you will receive. Twice a week, Travelflex will exchange your TRF for fiat. Other payment options (like other cryptocurrencies) will be added in the future depending on demand.

You can receive TRF payment from anywhere in the world, within a few minutes. This will take away waiting for your money and helps you avoid expensive foreign transaction fees or exchange rates.
The merchant’s interface is very easy to use, with a wallet where all transactions can be tracked.

All TRF holders will be able to purchase different products and services paying with our cryptocurrency.

For any questions, or if your company wants be part of our WebShop and accept TRF, send us a message to:

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