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Like many other travelers we’ve decided to visit pacific coast of USA. We wanted to see as much as possible but you know how it goes. I never knew about these jaw-dropping sunsets in California, the distances between cities and states and I’ve never seen what I saw in southern Utah. Read through to find out more.

During the travels we wrote an article about Budget Tips for a Roadtrip in USA.

Map of the road

The plan was simple, travel through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona. Somehow we skipped Colorado, well hopefully we’ll once return. The whole idea was to see the beauty of national parks & to learn few facts from history and life of Indian tribes.

One of our first trips in California led through San Diego(overnight), El Centro (overnight) and Salton Sea. The plan was to visit Joshua Tree NP but for unexpected problems we had to skip it. At the end of the day we were happy that we had such a beautiful weekend.

Santa Monica dream

Santa Monica, Our starting point & returning point, we lived here for two months, made many friends, had a great time. For one week we occupied famous Venice Beach, priceless experience.

Hit the road Jack

Let’s set off for the 8000 km long journey. First stop, and one of the most beautiful coasts I’ve ever seen, was Big Sur NP, place where Pacific Ocean meets the majestic hills of rocky coastline. Views like from a travelers magazine, camping in the forest & beautiful weather, ideal beginning.

Pacific Coast Highway, a pleasure to drive

Big Sur NP is a place where one can get lost for a week or two, unfortunately we couldn’t afford to enjoy it for that long period so after two days we left for San Francisco.

However before San Francisco we visited our friends in Santa Cruz, a small city famous for surfing history.

Downtown SF

San Francisco has welcomed us with cold wind but apart of that the days there were amazing as the city by it self has so much to offer. I think I fell in love with SF.

Cutting deserts in Nevada is a pain in the…

Again we hit the road but now it was different. The roads in Nevada seems to have no end and driving becomes boring very soon. The only pleasure is to exceed the speed limit but be careful otherwise you got caught by a police, like us (twice at the same day!). What a pity but we got just warning, we were lucky.

First national park in the world — Yellowstone

Here we go, The Yellowstone NP, oldest national park in the world. Place full of hot springs, geysers and golden meadows with amazing sunsets.

Mountains of Grand Teton NP

Grand Teton has mountains and lakes similar to our homeland, so for a minute I felt like I’m back home.

Grand Teton

Enough of cold mornings let’s move somewhere where I don’t need to wear sweater & shoes. Utah is full of sunshine, red sand with wast deserts.

Great Salt Dessert near Salt Lake City

I never saw a salt dessert before, only on pictures of other travelers & now I could touch the salt and admire the tints of blue and white color. What a pleasure, what a joy, what a heat (I wish I could go back to the mountains & wear a sweater hahaha).

Welcome to South Utah

South Utah is all about massive walls made of red rocks. It is unique, amazing and scary at the same time. What a nature, it is a wonder how Indians could live under this sun, on a land that is so cruel.

The Window Arch

Arches NP is one big surprise and definitely worth to visit. It should be in top 5 natural wonders in the USA. Arches NP has over 2000 arches, many of them huge & with various shapes.

Narrow Canyon is really narrow

Next destination was Escalante NP. The road, Highway no.12 is just incredible offering views like from the movies. The road cuts it’s way through red mountain walls. Biggest attraction are the narrow canyons, Narrow and Spooky Canyon. They are really narrow at some places wide just 40 cm, so it is not recommended to come with a bigger backpack. Anyway, the walk was a highlight of the whole trip and sometime in future if there would be an option to go again I would not hesitate a second.

Angels Landing, Zion NP

We’ve been lazy for few weeks trying to avoid any seriously looking hike. But once you are in Zion NP there is now way of skipping the hike to Angels Landing. It is a must, it is difficult but astonishing. Once you are up there, where angels are landing, you feel like a bird. Ready to fly?

Leaving Zion was hard, but traveler is just to leave places and people. On a way to Navajo Monument Valley we stopped in Grand Canyon (North Rim and Horseshoe Bend). Horseshoe Bend is really photogenic and easily accessible.

Home of Navajo Tribe

One of the last stopover points on this almost month long trip. Navajo Monument Village is a home to Navajo Tribe, it is their land, famous from many Hollywood productions from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. But in reality it looks different. You can feel the heat without a breeze, landscapes seems like never ending and the monuments are huge, beyond your fantasy.

Later we visited Sedona and Joshua Tree NP, both amazing places.

Sunset at Sunset Beach

Welcome back home, Los Angeles. LA was our temporary home for two months. We spent most of the time in Santa Monica and Venice Beach but still managed to leave for the city main attractions like Hollywood, Observatorium or Downtown.

Extraordinary summer full of fun, friends and surprises. The time of leaving golden California is here and we’re heading to Mexico. A big country with beautiful culture and difficult history.

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