Tasawwuf — Part 2

Tasawuff. The inner dimension. Ihsan.

Allah s.w.t will deal with you how you deal with people. The person who is a khadim and serves the people but does the bare minimum fard in the rest of his religion. That person is more beloved to Allah than the worshipper who secludes himself from the world solely for worshipping god. You know the ego, the nafs, it is harder to handle for the believer who IS practising than the believer who IS NOT practising.

The one who drinks, commits zina, backbites, sins regularly, the one who swears and slanders. This Individual is not as bad as the one who starts practising and now thinks he’s something special like a sheikh, above people and becomes arrogant.

Imam Al ghazzali r.a mentions that initially often it’s the ego that pulls you towards gatherings of good to stir pride within you. For the Ego it’s better to misguide you in gatherings of goodness than circles of “evil” In the midst of good the ego is there to delude you. The great gnostic Imam al Haddad said that “The ego is worse than 70 devils”

Shaitaan is not the real enemy. It is the ego, the prophet ﷺ told us the worst enemy is yourself. “that which is in between your two sides is the worst enemy” Ramadan is a classic example of the reality of this statement.

How do you deal with the ego? You do what the Qur’an instructs. You keep good company, company with those who purify their hearts. Your heart on a physical and spiritual level imitates the company it keeps. It literally physically synchronises with other hearts. And the ‘auliyah the righteous are spiritual doctors of the heart. Until you’ve sat in from of these Individuals. One gaze from a sincere heart is better than hearing a million words from an impure heart.

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