Being @ Jungfraujoch — Top of Europe!!

Got up quite early on my second day in Switzerland! Today’s plan was to cover only Jungfraujoch (Jungfrau) via train from Interlaken (but later also covered Thun due to the extra time). From Interlaken (which I covered on my first day, view the post HERE) there are two ways to reach Jungfraujoch:

  • Option 1: Interlaken Ost ⇒ Lauterbrunnen (train change) ⇒ Kleine Scheidegg (train change) ⇒ Jungfraujoch
  • Option 2: Interlaken Ost ⇒ Grindelwald (train change) ⇒ Kleine Scheidegg (train change) ⇒ Jungfraujoch

We took the Option 1 while going to Jungfraujoch and Option 2 while returning back to Interlaken. In both the routes the view is fantastic. In the entire journey we need to change train 2 times (as mentioned above) but the waiting time is very less. Moreover the surrounding scenery is so beautiful that you will easily forget the waiting time period ! From Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch, the train mainly passes through the tunnel which is a marvel in itself. In this route there are 2 stops, ‘Eigerwand’ and ‘Eismeer’ which are of 10 minutes each. Try to go out and have a look at the fantastic view. Do not miss it. Its worth a watch.

On the way from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen

From Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch

Once we reached Jungfraujoch (at 3454 m!! the highest railway station in Europe), the first place which we visited was completely made of ice and was freezing called Ice Palace. But once out of this place, came to an open area which was again covered with snow but due to good sunshine it was not very cold. But please remember to nicely slather sunscreen! Also you can experience the breathtaking view from the Sphinx Observation Terrace overlooking the Aletsch Glacier (Europe’s longest glacier). There are also some adventure activities like Flying Fox, Glacier Trek and Kiss The Glacier which are quite popular but at the time we went all were discontinued due to heavy snowfall.

Here there are lot of restaurants. Also found few eateries whose names were are also written in Hindi !!

Inside Ice Palace

At Jungfraujoch — A blanket of snow !!

Eateries named in Hindi !!

After having a good view of this entire place we started our return journey. The return journey from Jungfraujoch to Kleine Scheidegg took lesser time (for obvious reasons). Once we reached Interlaken we still had some time, so we decided to visit the nearby area Thun which is approximately at half an hour distance from Interlaken. This was similar to Interlaken but of course with a different feel.

Points to remember while visiting Jungfraujoch/ Jungfrau:

  • Try to take one route while going to Jungfraujoch and a different route while returning back.
  • Try to start early from Interlaken or atleast find out the train details one day in advance and plan accordingly.
  • Get down at ‘Eigerwand’ and ‘Eismeer’ (where there is a halt for 10 mins) and have a view of the beautiful scenery.
  • Apply suncreen.
  • It might be cold so get dressed accordingly.
  • While returning back from Jungfraujoch either visit some villages which you will be passing by else you can also visit nearby places of Interlaken.
  • For more details you can also visit the following link: .
  • If you are having the eurail pass, then till Lauterbrunnen / Grindelwald it will be applicable but from here onwards to Jungfraujoch a seperate ticket needs to be purchased but due to the rail pass you can get discounts. You can purchase this seperate ticket from Interlaken railway station one day prior to your journey.

The next day we planned to cover Mt.Titlis, Engleberg (view the post HERE) and Luzern (view the post HERE)

46.547282 7.983530

Jungfraujoch, 3801 Wengen, Switzerland

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Originally published at on November 3, 2014.

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