The visit of the infamous Luke Gallagher

It’s difficult to explain how I felt around a week ago without sounding like a dick. Everyone expects you to be constantly having an amazing time in such a great country which makes you feel guilty when you’re not, but last week the honeymoon period officially ended for me. I’d had an awful week (for reasons I won’t get into) and was feeling a bit lonely and down. Because I’m trying to save so much money for my travels all I’m doing currently is uni work, then my weekends are taken up completely by my job. Again it’s hard to explain without sounding unappreciative but it was really starting to hit me how long I’m here for.

SO when I received a phone call from one of my oldest best friends from school telling me that he was coming to Brisbane for a few days I was so happy. I hadn’t seen him properly in probably two years as he’s been backpacking around Australia since November last year. Plus he’s one of the most fun people I know. He arrived later than expected (surprisingly) on Thursday which was annoying because I had to work the next three nights. That didn’t stop us drinking all day each day though. Including spending $18 on an espresso martini (it still hurts).

Stokehouse on South Bank

On Monday night when I finally didn’t have to work we discovered that pretty much nowhere is open in Brisbane on Mondays so we decided to go and meet some of my work friends and spend even more money in The Victory. Also apparently I went to Down Under and got rejected from the casino but I 100% cannot remember that ever happening, even though there’s photographic evidence and also a 300 second snapchat story that we made that we found fucking hilarious the next day. “Say no to chinnin’ sluts.” Yeah, I’m not gonna talk about that night it was messed up. But there’s the influence of LukeyG for you. Who also paid for a lot of his drinks and taxi fare on his BRITISH bank card the nob. Here’s a few pictures before things got out of hand…

I’m writing this after just walking him at 7am to the bus station where he has to catch his bus to Bundaberg, home of the vile rum, to work on a farm for two months. I’m genuinely so happy I got to see him and we’ve got plans to meet up in Cairns later in year but we’ll see what happens.

Beautiful South Bank on a night
Definitely not staged…

I also got him to take this picture for me on the Goodwill Bridge that I walk over every day to get to uni. I love it.

Thinking about deep shit

I’m really sad to see him go. Even though we spent five full days together he didn’t even annoy me, which never happens. I hope you don’t hate farm work too much babe and I’m super excited to see you again soon. Love ya!

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