So my final day with CRUK has been and gone. I was sad to say farewell to so many friends but I know that it is not goodbye. Now my journey heads eastwards to immerse myself in the path of yoga.

I’ve been on this path for over 10 years, since I first started a weekly yoga class after work at Unilever whilst training for my first marathon. I thought that the class would help with some stretching my tight legs from the increased running mileage.

At first I couldn’t touch my toes, most people say this and it’s often true but we all have to start somewhere and my journey with Yoga began with very tight hamstrings and a questioning mind thinking that I’d never be able to achieve or hold some of the postures because of all the running I was doing.

Over time I realised that running and yoga complement one another, running provides great leg strength to hold and support many standing and balancing postures and in turn yoga provides a release to the hard worked leg muscles.

After a while, I looked forward to my weekly yoga class. It not only provided the ying to my running’s yang but also brought me a new sense of calm and self-acceptance. I had not expected this to have such a dramatic impact on my mental resilience and ability to relate to the world around me but it did. And I found myself more unaffected by the dramas of modern life.
I remember well, from those days, how I felt following the weekly class and the sense of inner strength it developed within me.

Over ten years later and I’m about to embark on a journey that I hope will enable me to bring the same sense of inner strength and resilience to those that I will meet and work with.

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