3 Essentials for starting a Travel Agency

Travel agency is a business that is designed to help travelers in the arrangement for trips, tickets, hotel reservations, flight tickets, creating itineraries for tour or cruise packages and providing information about specific destinations and other travel arrangements.

To start a travel agency business, it is helpful to have a working knowledge of travel agent software, customer service experience and experience in traveling to different parts of the world.

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Travel Technology Software

1. Define a Business Model

Decide whether you want to become an independent Travel consultant or start your own agency. It is always good to be integrated with a good Travel Technology company like Travelomatix. If you have a good Travel Technology company with you, your start-up costs will be minimal because computer software which is needed to book flights with airlines and branding is taken care of by the Travel Technology company. Your start up costs will be a phone, computer and software, Internet service and marketing materials needed to run the business. You will also be responsible for building a client list.

2. Make a business Plan

Planning is a very important phase for your Travel Agency. Decide what services you want to provide who your target customer are and your financial plan.

Travel services include transportation arrangements (air, train, boat, car), hotel and resort reservations, cruise packages and specialized tour packages such as eco-tours or city-based tours. You may also want to specialize exclusively in family travel, senior travel, corporate travel or academic travel to set your business apart from other travel agencies.

3. Website

It is very important to have a good website for your company.Create a website that includes a description of travel services, contact information and online booking options. Invest in a good Travel Technology like Travelomatix that process client bookings and payment from your website, track online marketing campaigns and captures email addresses. Include testimonials of satisfied clients on your website. Update your website often by providing interesting content that clients will find useful when planning a vacation or traveling for business.

Now that you are done with all the basic requirements, go ahead and build your clients to have a successful Travel Agency.