Flight booking system with Amadeus GDS Integration services

TravelPD is a popular travel technology company, delivering best in class travel internet booking engines (IBE)’s to clients across the globe. We develop, integrate and deploy air ticketing system by integrating GDS and Non GDS APIs. We specialize in various GDS Integrations services including World span, Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre.

The GDS integration services we offer for flights, hotels, cruise, sightseeing and transfers.

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Know more info: http://www.travelpd.com/gds-xml-api-webservices-integration-software

Amadeus GDS Integration services- Amadeus Airline Reservation System, Amadeus Hotel, Amadeus travel packages, Amadeus cruise booking and more.

Amadeus GDS integration for flight booking system

We are a flight booking software development company, offering airline reservation system with Amadeus GDS Integration.

TravelPD is a leading GDS integration (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, World span) company. We provide Amadeus GDS integration service for IATA travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies. Services we offer include- Amadeus web service integration, Amadeus XML API integration services.

Benefits Of Amadeus GDS

· Real time info for pricing & availability

· Access wide range of travel contents

· PNR generation

· Instant booking options

· Enhances consumer loyalty

· Increase revenue and productivity

TravelPD is a top notch travel portal development company, offering innovative travel technology solutions like ticket booking software, hotel reservation system (crs), airline reservation system, car booking system, cruise booking system, bus booking system, holiday packaging system, travel portals and booking engines to travel agents worldwide.

Contact us for more detail.

Visit: http://www.travelpd.com

Call: +91–805–001–3337

Email: info@travelpd.com

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