Increase your flight bookings with TRAVELPD’s flight booking system

Nowadays travel technology companies developing flight booking software using advanced technology and tools. The software is customized to meet the day to day needs of travel agencies and the end user or travelers. The airline booking system comes with features such as management of reservation or ticketing, b2b travel agent reservations, cancellations, refunds, airline mobile booking app, gds integration etc.

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TravelPD can integrate multiple suppliers of flights using XML API with all the major suppliers, GDS’s and consolidators. TravelPD offers travel agents access to real time inventory to create packages for their customers.

We also offer travel agents the best back office system to manage booking details, agent details, customer details, reports and track of reservations and online bookings.

TravelPD provides third party integrations including CRM system, accounting system, payment gateways and other travel business applications.

Key features

Dedicated system for your airline

Flexible design & configurations

Integrated airline system with all major Global Distribution Systems

IATA Standards

Cost Effective Solutions

Advanced technology

Fully integrated data source

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

TravelPD is a popular flight booking software development company, providing the best web based online booking engines connected with GDS (Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre) systems. We also offer Travel ERP, b2b & b2c airline reservation system, back office system, airline portal development, travel portal development, XML API integration etc to global airlines and travel agents.

For more details on how TravelPD’s flight booking system can grow your travel business, please contact us!

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