How to Travel on a Budget

The day has finally come where you’ve saved up enough money to book your dream vacation. You’ve reserved our flight, accommodations, and maybe even a rental car. What a relief. However, although it may seem like it’s finally time to relax and not worry about the financial end of your next adventure, there is still the actual trip to consider when it comes to expenses. Whether it’s a change in the itinerary or finding out the places you are visiting are a little more expensive than expected, there will always be those unpredictable events that may require a little more of your time, flexibility, and money. The only course of action to take is preparation and TravelPirates has some suggestions that may help you with your budgeting:

  • Travel light: Sometimes hefty baggage can be…baggage, and checking it can cost extra. Look for ways to cut back when you’re packing so that you’ll be able to carry on everything you need.
  • Take Public Transportation: If you haven’t already booked a rental car, try to make use of the public transportation in the places you are visiting. This way you can save some serious bucks by not having to pay for gas or the hundreds of dollars you are probably paying for a rental car.
  • Groceries: Eating out tends to significantly lighten the wallet. Consider stocking up on groceries and ration out your stay. (It’s also a lot healthier.)
  • Be mindful of cell phone use: Data roaming charges for international travel can do serious damage to your budget if you’re not using it responsibly. Be sure to use your phone wisely either with wi-fi use or only using it for emergencies.
  • 5. Home-tel, not hotel: These days with services that allow people to offer up their homes as rentals, you have a considerable amount of more accommodation options to choose from allowing you to save a substantial amount of money as opposed to booking a pricey hotel room.
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