Booking is the largest website where you can find and book a hotel. It is believed that hotels there are more expensive than other services, but unfortunately I can not confirm this. Recently, I find the most attractive options on Booking.

But there is one little secret, the cheapest prices are not seen by everyone, but only by regular travelers, those who made 2 or more reservations.

Genius Loyalty Program

For registered users, Booking has created a loyalty program called Genius.

If you make any 2 bookings in 2 years, you will be given Genius Level 1 status, which is a 10% discount…

To buy a cheap ticket there is no universal advice on how to do this. Favorable prices for flights can be found both at the airline and at the agency; meta-search engines or even tour operators often have good discounts.

Therefore, it is best to know the algorithm by which it is best to look for cheap flights!

Check the cost on the websites of airlines that fly in the direction you need. It happens that they hold promotions and make discounts that are not available from their partners.

Check the cost through several different meta-search engines — Travelscompare, Momondo, Skyscanner. …


Travelscompare is a community of travelers, we have put together a team of professionals and dreamers who care about real adventures!

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