Experience the International Carnival of Harare

Harare Carnival

Harare is a beautiful city in the land of Zimbabwe where the wide avenues are lined up with indigenous plants, blooming jacarandas and dusty red earth giving it a lovely American summertime look. This African city is very attractive as compared to the other cities, and it has numerous parks, buildings, gardens and wide thoroughfares. It is the cultural capital of Zimbabwe where many events and festivals are celebrated every year in order to promote the rich cultural tradition of the country.

One such event is the ‘Harare International Carnival’ organized by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), which mainly aims in representing the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. It is a weeklong event where Asian, African, South American, European and many other countries participate from around the world and showcase their various cultures. In this cultural festival many entertainers perform which includes world class Samba dancers and many other cultural groups within the region. It is a fun filled week of celebrations comprising of a series of festivities and events which aims in advancing the culture, art and heritage of the country.

The International Carnival of Harare is set to be spread over a week of fun filled days which includes a wide variety of themed activities along with many evening and night events which caters to the taste of every individual. One of the popular events of this festival is the Carnival Jazz Night which unites the clubs together to celebrate the carnival with some jazz music concerts. Another exotic night which is celebrated for all the dance hall lovers is the Zim Dancehall. Other night of the event includes Samba Night where the top Brazilian Samba groups give stunning performance which reflects that the dancers are not only beauties but also poses great dancing skill.

Along with it ‘The Carnival Street Party’ is the main event where people enjoy among themselves by partying and drinking on the streets of Harare without the fear of police. Although public drinking is prohibited in Zimbabwe but during the Carnival Street Party the organizers have taken the permission for the people to consume alcohol on streets and enjoy the festival. In the street party people dress in funky costumes, comes to street and enjoy music and dance along with an array of food and art. During this time the performance of many local dancers as well other visiting groups can also be seen along with the street march by junior and senior groups. On the final night of the carnival the closing ceremony is followed by the Carnival Music Concert where many local and selected international artists perform and spice up the event.

The Carnival is generally regarded as a ‘people’s event’ by the organizers and they have encouraged every individual to get involved in the event where the locals can sell their artifacts and at the same time it also tends to be a platform for the artist where they can showcase their talents which may include either dancing or singing. There is also a big market organized in the carnival which provides opportunity to the ones who wish to promote traditional costumes.

The International Carnival Festival of Harare is the largest annual event of Zimbabwe and is growing its popularity over the years. Due to which the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority is working hard in improving it more and at the same time it has set a target to place this Carnival festival on the international carnival calendar and promote diversity among the Zimbabweans and make it an international and regional tourist destination.

With so much of colourful and diverse events the Carnival Festival of Harare will led to the promotion of the development of its cultural and traditional industries and transform the carnival into a viable economical enterprise. Thus it would be a great experience to witness the event and feel the rich tradition in the roots of Harare.

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