Nopology (nôpäləjē): noun a non-regretful acknowledgement of an offense or failure.

The number of corporations caught with their hands in your cookie jar is growing daily. From security breaches that would make your eyes roll back into your skull (Equifax) to selling your personal data (Facebook) to cheating authorities (Uber) to downright stealing your money (Wells Fargo) — and these are the ones that we know of. Many times, the only way we learn of these wrongdoings is through whistle-blowers, sometimes long after the transgressions occurred.
And just when you thought those exposed companies should apologize, pay for the crimes, and…

Circumvent those pesky fields that prevent text pasting

One day, some genius came up with the brilliant idea to disable pasting text into password fields on new profile creation pages. Said genius probably figured that forcing users to manually type each character of their new passwords, would make users remember their passwords better. I’m sure he thought it increases security for the site, and lowered the chance of users reusing their favorite “p@$$w0rd123”.

As a bonus, the genius hoped this would disrupt those pesky bots that keep creating endless bogus profiles on the site — completely forgetting that if you can program a bot to read ReCaptchas that…

from Bloomberg’s article about United Airlines

What to expect when checking luggage with United Airlines.

Disclaimer: This article reflects my own experiences, frustrations, opinions, and observations. It’s
not based on thorough research. I wrote this to vent against a clueless corporation, one that claims customers are important to it, all the while treating them and their property like $#!t.

I’ve been flying United (and previously Continental) for years. In my professional services days I was a Platinum member of their frequent flier programs. Until recently, I went out of my way to find a United flight, even when the competition might have been cheaper. But my last 2 flights with United left a bitter…

I’ve been an avid Google Voice user for at least 7 years now. I got my first US phone from my NY based employer. So when I moved out west I needed a quick way to get a local number without getting into bed with another mobile provider (thank God the days of cellular contracts are behind us).

After choosing a nice local number (that included my name in numerals!), I started benefiting from the other features Voice offered: call screening, email messages for every text sent, and of course, voice mail transcribing.
It’s easy to read 1–2 sentences and…

As a freelance software consultant in Silicon Valley, I attended one to many “let’s meet for coffee” pitches, for the next “greatest app on Earth”, that just requires a free year of my time, but will pay millions down the road.
Too many people tried paying me with equity for actual work. And I’ve sat through way too many interviews at “kool” startups, whose business model I still can’t grasp, but always have a fridge full of beers somewhere.

I wish someone would print the following T-shirts, so I could wear them to my next meeting/interview:

  1. Will code for $$$

Backing a Kickstarter project can be disappointing sometimes, even if the project delivers

When I first heard of the Pressy Kickstarter project, I was immediately taken with the concept (and, let’s admit it, the funny video). I loved the idea of being able to control my phone with a single button, bypassing several screen-taps in favor of a single click. I immediately threw my $20 in, becoming one of the ~20k people who brought the project from the requested $40k goal, to nearly $700k.

The estimated delivery date (Nov. 13) came and went. The project founders kept us in the loop with interesting and entertaining updates: here they…

The moment you realize it’s impossible to forget childhood memories — a story for Holocaust Remembrence Day 2014

Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed as Israel’s day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its accessories, and for the Jewish resistance in that period.
This year it was observed on April 28th, and commemorated 70 years since the annihilation of Hungarian Jewery.


As a child, growing up in Israel in the ‘70s, I was very fortunate to have all four of my grandparents alive. Almost everyone I knew had lost a grandparent, uncle…

My experience interviewing for BayBuddy — twice

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results — Albert Einstein

It was 2011. I was winding down from a long, complex development project that involved many moving parts, people management, politics, and cross-country travel. A very good friend suggested it might be time to give consulting a rest for a while, and interview for BayBuddy*, a large, well known, Silicon Valley company he was working for at the time. He argued that I could benefit from some stability, safe income, and a short commute. BayBuddy was starting a new initiative: a…

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