This past week we had the opportunity to sit down with Yvonne Leow, Founder of Bewilder, a company that creates personalized camping trips. Yvonne currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and when she’s not hiking or camping herself, she is working to develop Bewilder into the premier planning company for folks who want to spend more time outdoors.

Hiking the Hayduke Trail, by Yvonne Leow

Most recently, Yvonne recently went on a backpacking trip in Utah on the Hayduke trail, which was especially grueling and difficult (she got caught in quicksand and had to walk through poison ivy!), but definitely worth the breathtaking landscapes and views. On…

Allie Carey, a recent Dartmouth graduate and aspiring art curator, sat down with us this past week to discuss her passion for travel and art history.

Allie Carey

Growing up, Allie’s dad, who traveled frequently for work, would save up his airline miles so that he would be able to take her and her younger sister on a big trip every other year. It was his belief that traveling and experiencing different cultures would push them out of their comfort zone and educate them about the world outside of the US. Allie says that “instead of lounging on beaches, we explored the…

Felicia shares how travel has shaped her style and career path

Recently, we got the opportunity to sit down with fashion blogger and mother, Felicia Evalina. She shared how her love for travel has inspired her career path and her new way of traveling during motherhood.

Felicia is the owner of and content creator of Stylechine, “a lifestyle diary inspired by [her] love for the world of fashion, jetsetting, and all things pretty”. She currently resides in London, but has also lived periods of her life in Beijing and New York. Felicia describes her style as a mix between edgy…

How Veneto and Mexico City changed Dasom’s design perspective

Dasom Choe is a designer currently based out of New York City working at the New York-based design studio and architecture firm Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors. She attributes her passion for architecture and design to travel. We recently chatted with Dasom to learn more about how travel has impacted her creative career.

Photo Provided by Dasom Choe

Dasom tells us that “a lot of people say we need to be digital, but there’s nothing more important than being in a physical place.” She believes that a physical tactile environment can have a deep impact on the soul. Like a love affair, when you…

An Interview with Chef Jon Culbert

Jon Culbert is a chef at Le Coucou, an excellent upscale French restaurant in SoHo, New York (we love the Sole Véronique — a mild and sweet dover sole in a creamy sauce with mushrooms). While it is a more or less classic French restaurant serving traditional French cuisine, Jon is inspired by techniques and ingredients from other cuisines and encourages the line cooks to experiment to further elevate French cooking. He credits his interest in trying different techniques, cooking styles, and ingredients to his travels around the world.

Jon’s Travel Tip for Food:

by Tiff, Co-Founder of Travel Trove

As much as I love to travel and hike, it always comes as a surprise to my friends that I had never camped before — until we went last week that is. I always felt that a solid few hours hiking, or sometimes even a full day of hiking, was enough, and that I didn’t need the overnight experience.

I’m starved of travel right now, as I’m sure all of you are, and decided to plan a short three day trip to upstate New York in the Catskills. Part of why I love to…

After 3 months of sheltering-in-place, many of us have started to travel beyond the Trader Joe’s and local parks in our neighborhoods. But where is it safe to travel? What is even open?

Recently, Calvin of Monsoon Diaries took advantage of a break in ER shifts (he was on the frontlines battling COVID-19 for the last 3 months!) and embarked on a New England road trip. He wanted to use this as an opportunity to research how to travel safely and responsibly without negatively affecting other communities as well. …

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks listening, learning, and reflecting. The blog posts we were planning to post at this time about how to travel safely are not the ones we will be sharing right now. In light of recent events, it has become very obvious that we all need to be doing much more to actively fight racism and support the Black community.

We’ve been thinking about how Travel Trove can help amplify black voices. It’s more important than ever now to not just pay lip service, but to show up and support black businesses.

Today, we are…

Travel Trove was built to help you plan the best trips — that includes safe trips.

For many of us, we have now been mostly indoors for nearly three months. As someone who is usually traveling every month, these three months have felt more like three years (was there even a time before this?). It’s hard to remember what it was like to hop on a plane and explore somewhere entirely new — that now feels so outrageously carefree.

As the weather gets better (and it does seem like the weather is exceptionally nice this year in New York ), it’s natural that most of us are feeling more antsy about getting outside. While the situation…

Travel Trove

Travel Trove is your trip planning home where you can easily organize, plan, and share your trips with friends. Try the beta at

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