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Thinking about how flights were “Pre-COVID”, it is easy to see why we all thought getting on a flight could be a very risky position to put ourselves in but according to experts, that might not be the case.

Definitely not “Unfounded” but the fear of flying borne out of the pandemic has drastically reduced air traffic globally. That, coupled with the border closures made flying seem like an impossible task but as the world reopens, scientists claim that our phobia for flying (solely in relation to COVID transmissions) could be unfounded.

Don’t get us wrong, there have been cases of infected passengers passing the virus on to an aeroplane’s crew or fellow travellers in recent months but the transmission rates are low. Take for instance this case; about 328 passengers and crew members were tested for coronavirus after it was learned that a March 31 flight from the US to Taiwan had been carrying 12 passengers who were symptomatic at the time. However, all the other passengers tested negative, as did the crew members. …

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As many aspects of our lives go virtual, people have wondered if the pandemic we are living through right now would be the end of business travel.

A study carried out by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Growth Lab shows that business travel brings something to the mix that cannot be accessed virtually and in addition to that, a direct link between business travel and the growth of a country’s economy has been established!

According to the study, business travel gives access to a type of knowledge that cannot be accessed via online mediums like zoom and skype. When people travel for business, there is a knowledge that is shared likened to the movement of “knowhow” — a commodity that exists only in brains and is transferred from brain to brain through lived experiences. …

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Budgeting might not be your favorite part in the whole travel experience but it is essential. Think about it like this, while it might seem easier to just get up, hop on a flight, attend your conference, do a little sightseeing and come home, if you don’t budget, you run the risk of overspending, running out of money and worrying all through the trip.

So, to help you out, here are some tips you could use to create a budget for your next trip.

Create a run down of the whole trip: You don’t have to be super detailed but just run through the days in general, how you’ll get there, what you’ll eat, where you’ll sleep, how you’ll move around and other key activities you would like to do before you leave. This will help you pinpoint areas you need to allocate funds to and help give you an overview of what to expect. …


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