The little lizard

You put your self out there, like a lizard exposed to the sun, away from the safety of the leaves.

You planned climbing the Everest on your knees and made it to the middle. Embrace it.

There’s no flag to raise on this Everest, it was all about the climbing, not about the flag and going back in steps is not going back in life, there were lessons to learn and luggage to lose.

Now start again, take one, two, three deep breaths and start working in the new goals, on this new, beautiful path, not alone.

Now you know climbing the Everest is not possible on your knees.

Now you now maybe climbing the Everest is not what you wanted; that flag will only work for others and is not others who you want to please.

Is your own trip and you can raise a thousand little flags on your own mountains instead of drowning yourself on one. The process should feel as rewarding a the goal.

June 5th, 2017