If you are planning to travel and want to enjoy every moment of your journey and still want the ability to preserve all that you experienced in your travel journal, then you are in good company.

Traverous makes bird eye view video of your the journeys you record with Traverous, at the end. Requiring your minimum input while you are traveling.

Download the Traverous app and start recording travel journals of your journeys.

Record travel journal

To start recording your travel journals with Traverous app, do the following

  • Open the app
  • Login or Register to join Traverous community (internet required)

After getting inside…

Traverous Creator is a tool that lets you create Traverous style bird’s-eye view videos of your trips in browser. It is a perfect solution to help you encapsulate your tangle travel memories into a sequence of beautiful experience as it happened; before you forget it.

Travelogue video by a Traverous user on YouTube

1. Create a Journey

Go to https://traverous.com/design. Give your Journey a name, add start and end date, click Start.

Fill journey title, dates

In order to track the status of your journey, you must Login or Sign up.

A journey through the Mountains of Gerik, Malaysia — Travelogue by Hasifi S.

Often the most interesting stories don’t get told. When you visit a mesmerizing landscape, you are absorbed into the details of astonishing scenery. You take a single picture, you think it won’t do justice. So you take multiple. You take a panorama. Then capture a video glimpse. Perhaps a 360° video too. And if you are one of those… you take out your drone and take bird-eye-view footage of the terrain. Perhaps that’s when you sit relax on your hotel terrace or outside your camp and enjoy the nature by yourself. …

”Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.” — Chinese Proverb

Now you can embed custom music according to your mood, and check ins with notes, in your animated videos.

Traverous is all about enabling travelers to tell inspiring travel stories and to make it hassle free. In this regard we are always testing and adding new features that help our users to be more expressive. We’re are excited to announce two such features — Custom Music and Check Ins with Notes.

1. Set your tone with custom music..

Sometimes you want more than words to help you express your mood. A travelogue for your adventurous cycling trip at Death Valley National Park should sound different than honeymoon at Hawaii, right? No wonder, we have been receiving too many request to add custom music feature.

Streams of Hot Creek Geological Site, Mammoth Lakes, United States

Soon after handing over Traverous app to beta testers and early adopters, the first feedback we heard was “Videos are too sloow”…


You don’t necessarily need to be competing with YouTube to feel the need to deploy your own Video On-Demand solution. Apps and websites, who have something to do with user created videos often come to the point where they have to deploy their own VOD streaming solution. And if you are a startup, it’s just adds an equal amount to the tension you are already handling.

In this story, I’ve tried my best to make it simple and…

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