It’s not even close to what it’s being made out to be

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Hot take here: CUTIES is pretty good. Not amazing, but quite good.

The objections to CUTIES seem to take two forms. First: by showing the clearly sexual dance routines the movie is catering to pedophiles and second the actresses were too young for the material. I’m going to tackle the second one first.

The director took enormous care to prevent negative impact on the girls. She involved a child psychologist the whole way through shooting. That’s the first part. Now for the second part: children dance like this. It happens, it happens a lot. Mostly girls… 11-year-old boys usually find dancing too embarrassing to partake in. The odds are strong that none of these girls were doing anything they had not either done or seen their friends do. This time they were doing it on a movie set, but not with leering, mustache wearing pedophiles all around them. Instead, they were dealing with a woman who was extremely concerned about their well-being. …


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