I’m Ill Right Now

I had a story planned… too sick to write it

Traverse Davies
Dec 14, 2019 · 2 min read
Image copyright the author — no reason for it, but it’s a really pretty lake

I’m Useless today

I had decided that I wanted to release a story every day in December… and because of this story, I will achieve that, but it’s a total cheat.

See, I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It sucked.

Then I had meetings and phone calls. I did those. The sore throat kept getting worse. Still, I was going to produce a story, dammit!!

I came home. Sat down to work. My mother called to tell me she was around the corner and would I be okay with her dropping in for a cup of coffee?

Well, I’m newly single and actually quite lonely. I probably would have said yes anyway, but in this case, I was very keen on the idea. The company was nice.

She left, I sat down at my computer. I started to sneeze and my throat felt like it was filled with razor blades. I was also finding myself nodding off at my computer, so I lay down for a moment. Then it was several hours later and I didn’t have a story.

The stories I wanted to write remain unwritten… and my brain is full of fog.

I’m doing the research on tomorrow's story which was supposed to be today as I write this. I don’t know how my retention will go.

Anyway, tomorrow expect more of my usual pretentiousness… it’s hard to achieve that level of bullshit when you are leaking fluid out of your face in large quantities (also, my ADHD meds are contraindicated with pseudoephedrine otherwise known as the active ingredient in most cold meds).

Traverse Davies

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I do survival, self-publishing consultation, and writing. Check out my blog: https://dreamtime.logic11.com

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