30 Blogs & Podcasts For Web Developers To Follow

Here is a list that I compiled of 31 (30 sounded better) active blogs, newsletters and podcasts that relate to web development and design. All of these resources are currently posting in 2018. Some of these resources are related to certain technologies and topics and some are more diverse….Enjoy!

Blogs & Articles

Smashing Magazine: https://www.smashingmagazine.com
Smashing magazine has been around for a while and has great resources for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and front-end technologies but also has articles on things like design patterns, workflow and even more personal stuff like the mental health of web developers. They offer books for sale, events as well as a full featured job board.

David Walsh: https://davidwalsh.name
davidwalsh.name is JavaScript based blog and this site features articles on modern JavaScript. Things like promises and async / await, destructuring, react, node and even some jquery. If you’re JavaScript developer then you should definitely check this blog out. The posts are very short and concise and easy to read and comprehend. This is probably one of my favorite JavaScript blogs

Scotch.io: https://scotch.io
Scoth.io is on of my top picks for written tutorials. I actually get a lot of my ideas from this site. They do everything from all 3 front end frameworks to Node, Laravel, HTML and CSS and more. You can find complete full stack projects here in written form and they also have premium membership options for videos.

Tuts+: https://tutsplus.com
Tuts+ from Envato is another site like scotch where the article are more like tutorials and show you how to do or build something. And they have all types of categories from graphic design to full stack development. Like scotch, they have premium options as well. I’m subscribed to both scotch and tuts+

A List Apart: https://alistapart.com
A List Apart has been around for ages. I remember referencing this site when I was learning HTML & CSS. They mainly deal with CSS and styling. Typography, responsiveness and so on. You can tell each article is very well thought out and written very well. If you wanna become a master of CSS and move past always using frameworks like Bootstrap, you should be reading this blog

Cats Who Code: https://www.catswhocode.com/blog
Cats Who Code is a very diverse development blog that also includes business related topics. I think this is a great blog for freelancers. They have a lot of Wordpress stuff which I know is popular in the freelancing world. Also topics like how to get customers, etc. So If you work for yourself, definitely something to look into

Superhero.js: http://superherojs.com
Superherojs is an awesome site for JavaScript developers, I also love the design. Each article is categorized into things like code organization, testing, tools and so on. This is another valuable resource for modern JavaScript syntax

Codepen: https://blog.codepen.io
Codepen is a front end playground to post projects. I get alot of ideas from codepen but they also have a blog and what I really like about this blog is they post challenges. Ideas and things for you to create as an assignment, they also throw in some tips and resources to point you in the right direction. So its a little more than just a blog.

Planet Python: https://planetpython.org
Planet Python is obviously a Python based blog. It’s quite advanced in terms of topics. They cover topics such as frameworks like Django and Flask as well as deployment and devops with AWS, Python news, etc. The style isn’t that great but there’s alot of helpful news and information related to Python

Developer Drive: http://www.developerdrive.com
Developer Drive features articles related to all types of languages; JavaScript, PHP, Java and more. They even have posts on stuff like Unix file permissions. There’s also articles on productivity and being efficient. The articles are well written and formatted in a way that’s easy to read.

Simple Programmer: https://simpleprogrammer.com
This next one, simpleprogrammer.com, I’m sure many of you have heard of. It was created by John Sonmez, who also runs a YouTube channel that used to be called Simple Programmer, but he’s moved to more self help type videos. His blog is developer related although most of the posts are in the area of soft skills, business and motivation.

SpeckyBoy: https://speckyboy.com
Speckyboy is more of the web design category with posts on CSS, graphic design, Wordpress, etc. They focus more on the look and feel and UI/UX rather than programming languages and frameworks.

Laravel Daily: https://laraveldaily.com/blog
Laravel Daily is of course a blog related to the Laravel Framework which is a PHP framework. So if you’re a Laravel developer, this is a must. They have articles about features, configuration, deployment and much more.

Github Blog: https://blog.github.com
The GitHub blog mostly focuses on GitHub related news and topics but GitHub is a huge part of most developers workflow, so its always good to know whats going on. Things like news and events. integration with software, security and more.

DZone: https://dzone.com
Dzone features articles on a huge range of topics. They talk about development with multiple languages, dev ops, databases, AI, big data and the list goes on. I think out of all these blogs, DZone probably is the most diverse. There’s just an overwhelming amount of information here. They also have a job board and other services.

RingStack: https://blog.risingstack.com
RingStack is a development blog geared towards Node.js and server side JavaScript. The have technical articles on things like debugging, integrating other technologies with Node, building microservices and more. This is a must for any Node developer.

Sitepoint: https://www.sitepoint.com
Sitepoint is awesome for learning. It’s similar to scotch and tuts+, theres articles, videos, books and courses in languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python and other dev related topics. A lot of their stuff is premium but they have some great free content as well.

LogRocket: https://blog.logrocket.com
LogRocket is actually a bug reporter extension that may be worth checking out but they also have a pretty sweet blog with lots of up to date dev stuff ranging from JavaScript to CSS to web assembly and Rest APIs. I just discovered this blog but I made sure I bookmarked it because there seems to be alot of useful stuff here.

React Blog: https://reactjs.org/blog
React is arguably the most popular front end JavaScript framework and if you develop in React, I would suggest following their blog for the latest features, news, integrations and more. The posts aren’t as frequent as other blogs but each post is extremely important if you build and manage React apps

Ode To Code: https://odetocode.com
Ode To Code is a blog that focuses on Microsoft related development like ASP .NET, Azure, etc. This is an area where I don’t have a ton of experience but would like to get more into in the future. I’ve looked at some of the posts and they seem pretty interesting and easy to follow.

TutorialZine: https://tutorialzine.com/articles
TutorialZine is a fantastic resource for articles and tutorials. It’s mostly front-end HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well as things like Bootstrap and Sass. They also offer freebie themes and plugins every so often, which is cool. The tutorials are structured in a way that’s easy to understand. Definitely a great learning resource.


JavaScript weekly: https://javascriptweekly.com
JavaScript Weekly is a weekly newsletter that includes things like recent news, tutorials, videos and so on. I've actually been featured quite a few times which I really appreciate. But they have everything from vanilla JS to front-end stuff to Node.js. Id recommend subscribing. It’s just one email per week

Frontend Focus: https://frontendfoc.us
Frontend Focus is another weekly newsletter similar to javascript weekly, it might even be the same creators because the landing page is almost identical. But they have resources sent to you weekly including HTML, CSS, Web GL, Canvas, browser technology and more. So another newsletter you may want to subscribe to.

Responsive Design Newsletter: http://responsivedesignweekly.com
Responsive Design Newsletter is another weekly round-up of topics like responsive design articles, tools, tips, tutorials and more. They also have a blog but it seems to be outdated as the last post was in 2016.


JavaScript Jabber: https://devchat.tv
Javascript Jabber is a show from DevChat.tv and they talk about the latest and greatest in Javascript. Any new features added. They discuss topics like functional programming, design patterns and more. They also feature interviews with some very prominent developers. The episodes are a decent length but it’s really good content and worth the time.

Boagworld: https://boagworld.com/show
The Boagworld Web Design Show is a podcast by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington. Their content varies in terms of technology but it’s all geared toward developers, designers and even just people that maintain their own websites.

The Changelog: https://changelog.com/podcast
The Changelog is a podcast for full stack developers and is one of the largest podcast communities on the web. They talk about things like REST and GraphQL to dev ops and cloud hosting. Lot’s of discussion on the most cutting edge technologies. It’s language agnostic, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a JavaScript developer, Python, .NET, there’s something for everyone. They also have a weekly newsletter.

The Big Web Show: http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow
The Big Web Show is an award winning podcast, hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman that covers a variety of topics including all types of web technologies, design and art, content strategy and more. I think out of all the podcasts I mention, this is more geared toward design and content rather than programming.

The Laracast Snippet: https://laracasts.simplecast.fm
The Laracast Snippet is hosted by one of my favorite online instructors, Jeffrey Way. In fact I owe alot of what In know to that guy. What I love about these episodes is he gets into the self help world of a developers life. Many of you know that’s something I’ve done quite a few videos on and I think that stuff isn’t talked about enough. Things like burnout and overdoing it. It looks like the last episode at least according to this site was in July. Im not sure if the podcast has ended or not but either way, there are some valuable past episodes.

ShopTalk: https://shoptalkshow.com
ShopTalk is a front end UI/UX podcast hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert and each week, they feature a special guest. I actually haven't had the time to listen to this podcast but I’ve heard good things and I plan on diving into some of these episodes soon.

Syntax: https://syntax.fm
Ok, so last but not least, in fact if your any kind of JavaScript developer, this is probably the most valuable resource on here and thats the Syntax podcast with Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. Both of these guys are course instructors and YouTubers and just geniuses when it comes to explaining things like es6+, react, graphql, node.js, tooling and much more. There are probably only like 3 episodes that I haven't listened to yet. They both have great personalities and they’re very down to earth. I don’t just listen to Syntax for education but also entertainment. They also speak in a way that’s easy to understand. Some of these other podcasts are a bit nerdy but I feel like Wes and Scott are just two normal guys that have a passion for this stuff, much like myself.

Hopefully you can find something here that will help you become a better developer and help in your life and career.