Can text messages save democracy?

I believe you when you say that this is legal. I don’t know the TCPA well enough to argue that it is not. However, legal or not, it seems wrong to me to do this, and it disappoints me that it would be allowed. As if we don’t see enough advertising everywhere we look. We have to deal with door-to-door salespeople, spam calls, spam emails, and now it looks like we can look forward to endless spam texts.

“(Paraphrasing) We bought a list of contacts, loaded them into a text message generator tool, and mass texted a ton of people without their consent.” That doesn’t sound wrong to you? You said “Humans we employed sent individual text messages” but this blog says that you used Hustle, which is a tool for importing a database of contacts and mass-texting them.

Additionally, the list you bought sounds rather shoddy. As you said yourself, “…we often had the wrong names or people had passed the phone off to a family member or friend.” So you took the name out. But you’re still sending them to a ton of people who are not the intended recipient. I have been a registered voter for 15 years and have had my phone number for just as long. Yet for some reason, I was on your list. So even when the phone has never been passed off, your data is inaccurate, which means you’re basically just spamming people.

Please reconsider this approach. The world really doesn’t need another way to be annoyed by spam.