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Those who have the habit of going to the mountains often, perhaps for simple walks or even because they like to give themselves some free time to practice trekking, must also equip themselves properly. One of the most important aspects in this sense is the clothing: gloves, hats, jackets and why not, the best trekking trousers that can be found on the market, should not be missing in the wardrobe of such an individual. Yes, but how do you choose the right clothes? What are the characteristics, for example, of a good pair of trekking pants?

Why Should You Buy Trekking Clothing?

Simple, because in the mountains, as well as in the countryside, it is often necessary to protect oneself from adverse climatic conditions, from plants and animals absent in large cities and because, given the presence of rough and potentially dangerous terrain, it is always good to protect oneself from falls and unpleasant episodes of various kinds.

Not Only Trousers

Before examining the ideal characteristics for a good model of trekking pants, it is good to give a few small tips to those who read about mountain clothing: many of the criteria that guide the choice of an item of clothing, on the other hand, are also adaptable to the rest of the equipment, but you still need to know what to buy.

On the other hand, it is also true that in most cases when you do this kind of shopping you also try to buy everything at once, which is why this short parenthesis can be useful. So, in a quick and concise way, here is the list of the necessary to spend a peaceful day dedicated to trekking:

  1. Shoes: the appropriate shoes are a must as thanks to them you can avoid bad sprains and various annoyances. In principle, these should, therefore, protect the lower limbs from adverse temperatures, be breathable and waterproof, provide the user a certain stability and, of course, be more than comfortable.
  2. Tent: this is more for those who have the habit of camping for a few days or hours (it is convenient for example when you have small children or you already know that you may need to take a nap or change away from prying eyes. It can be further equipped with sleeping bags, mattresses, lamps, etc.. In general, camping tents should be practical to use, capacious and made of resistant and waterproof materials, preferably fireproof.
  3. Survival kits: first-aid medicines, water and food should never be missing.
  4. Backpack: the trekking backpack must be designed to ensure both a good capacity and a certain lightness. Obviously, in this case too, the usual discriminating factors regarding the materials used to make the backpack are valid.
  5. Technical clothing: never go to the mountains without waterproof windbreakers, suitable suits, sweatshirts, socks as mentioned on Cleverwander, boots and trousers.

Trekking Trousers: How To Choose Them

It is unthinkable to replace mountain clothing with jeans or simple suits. In order to avoid unpleasant events, it is always good to equip yourself properly. So here are the features you should look for in a pair of mountain pants:

  1. Waterproofness: like most mountain equipment, pants must also be made of materials that can somehow help the user to cope with a sudden downpour or a sudden and incessant rain.
  2. Breathability: Breathability is also important in these cases. In the mountains you sweat, often more than at sea. If you do not have the possibility to disperse the heat and humidity that the body produces, especially in case of a long break or stay until late at night, the legs would suffer from a sudden cooling and also you would feel a feeling of general discomfort and discomfort in movements.
  3. Comfort: it is clear that in the mountains you have to be comfortable. Here, in fact, you climb, you move a lot, you play with friends, you ski and so on. In this case, however, we do not only refer to the fit of the trousers, but also to the presence of many pockets with zips or buttons. A good idea is then, regardless of the heaviness of the fabric with which they are made, always opt for modular models, ie, convertible into the half leg or even shorts through special stitching.

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