7 Short-Haul Islands Perfect for Easter Sun

From Crete to Lanzarote, avoid the April showers and head for one of these 7 short-haul islands for some much needed Easter sun in 2017.

As the chill of winter passes us by, there’s only one thing on our mind: when’s our next holiday? With the holidays coming a little later this year (Good Friday falls on April 14th and Easter Monday on April 17th), 2017 is a great year to jet off for some Easter sun.

While some consider various Easter holiday ideas, many will place the sun at the top of their holiday wish-list. Although long-haul options like Thailand or Dubai are great, many of us don’t have the time, money or even patience to head outside Europe at this time of year — particularly if you’re only heading off for a long weekend — which is why these 7 short-haul islands may be the perfect solution for your Easter sun fix.


  • Average High Temperature in April: 20°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 6
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 6

Why go?: Greece’s largest island has proved a relaxing retreat for the sun-seeking holidaymaker. You can fly direct into Chania or Heraklion in just four hours, no time at all considering this is one of the southernmost islands in the Mediterranean. The party crowd still won’t find much going on in the town of Malia but in the big towns, the restaurants, bars and attractions begin to open up in preparation for the peak summer months. That being said, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with friends, Crete is arguably one of the best islands for groups, where you’ll find a fantastic number of villas at great prices like the stunning Liberta Villas in Vamos.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 22°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 8
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 3

Why go?: The Canary Islands are always a safe bet and Tenerife, the most popular island of the seven of them, is a favourite among many tourists at Easter. Here you’ll discover a mix of both family-orientated and coupley hotels and attractions. The only problem you’ll have is choosing where to stay but Shameem Allen should have you covered with her guide to Tenerife’s best resorts. April is also a great time to hike Mount Teide when conditions aren’t as demanding as in the summer. Plus, things are duty free here so you can look after the pennies too.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 19°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 8
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 10

Why go?: Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean, is often overlooked by holidaymakers. Gozo, one of the islands that make up the Maltese archipelago, is hailed as its sister island and is blessed with a beautiful landscape. Greener, more rural and smaller than Malta itself, this is one island where you can go to get away from it all, and it’s a great option for those who don’t want to head for the top tourist hotspots like Crete and Tenerife. You’ll find the most gorgeous, peaceful villas here too like the San Lawrenz Farmhouses. If you do spend some time on the main island of Malta, you should check out Travioor CEO, Irene Lopez Martinez’s guide to exploring Malta like a pro.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 24°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 9
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 1

Why go?: Another of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is an ideal sun holiday destination for spring. April is a great month to visit with warm, comfortable temperatures, nine hours of sunshine a day and very little rainfall (head for the south for the best of the weather). With sandy beaches, great water sports and the palm tree lined promenades of Playa de la Américas, your summer holiday may feel like its come early. Of all the accommodation in Lanzarote, the five-star Hesperia Lanzarote is one of our favourite luxury hotels, located in Puerto Calero, featuring four outdoor pools.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 20°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 9
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 6

Why go?: Rhodes is another of Greece’s most popular islands. It’s slightly further north than Crete but still sits south-west of mainland Greece with a gorgeous coastline. Rhodes is where you’ll find the vibrant (if slightly tacky) party mecca of Faliraki, although Easter isn’t the season to go looking for cheap booze and tequila shots. Instead, people head to Rhodes during the Easter holidays for a shot of medieval culture (as well as the sun of course). Popular areas include Rhodes Town, Ixia, Faliraki and Lindos, and you’ll find luxury accommodation all over the island for extremely affordable prices, like the stunning Atrium Platinum Resort & Spa.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 22°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 9
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 5

Why go?: A Mediterranean island nation, Cyprus is one of Europe’s southernmost countries and is a great option for those seeking some Easter sun. In the east, Ayia Napa and Protaras are popular with beach bums while in the west, Paphos offers a stronger insight into the Cypriot culture. April may also be a great time to visit the capital of Nicosia, as its inland location away from the coastline can make it unpopular in summer due to the heat. We suggest renting a car in spring and exploring the island at your own pace. Situated on the south coast, Limassol is a good base from which to explore both sides of the island. The Royal Apollonia has parking and world class service.

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  • Average High Temperature in April: 25°C
  • Average Daily Hours of Sunshine: 9
  • Estimated Rainfall Days: 3

Why go?: We concede that some will consider this a mid-haul rather than a short-haul destination, and as such, you may have to fly a little further to get there (around 6 hours direct from Manchester). But Cape Verde is probably our number one pick for Easter sun destinations this year. Recently we brought you seven great reasons why you should go here; think whale watching, a toasty climate and plenty of islands for exploring to name a few. Sal and Boa Vista are the two most popular islands here, although we recommend Hotel Pérola if you’re visiting Cape Verde’s capital of Praia.

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